Halloween Crafts for Kids

Everyone will love making these easy Halloween crafts for kids.

Kids love to craft, and they especially seem to love crafting for holidays.

Halloween crafts for kids is designed to give kids lots of ideas for making their own fun easy Halloween crafts.

Many of these are quick and easy and can be made from supplies you already have. Many also make use of recyclables.

Your young crafter can enjoy creating these Halloween crafts for kids with a minimum of adult help. Let them add their own unique creativity to these basic ideas.

Kids Pumpkin Crafts can be found here.

Pet Vampire Bat Bracelet

Use craft foam to make a Pet Vampire Bat Bracelet.

Pet Vampire Bat Bracelet by Crafty Journal

Pet Vampire Bat Bracelet

Paper Plate Vampire Bat Tutorial

Here’s a fun easy paper plate vampire bat for kids to make!

paper plate vampire bat

Paper Plate Vampire Bat

Haunting Halloween Notepads Tutorial

Hunting Halloween Notebooks

Haunting Halloween Notepads

Easy to make haunting Halloween notepads can be used as favors, small gifts, or make and takes for kids.

Halloween Party Games

If you’re having a Halloween party, Williams Games Emporium has some fun ideas for Halloween kids games. There are lots of other entertaining ideas for kids there as well.

Easier Cleanup

Check out Kids Craft Tips for ways to make their crafting less messy and easier to clean up.

Halloween Garlands and Chains

No Bones About It Garland

Pick up some skeletons, skulls and other spooky Halloween items at the Dollar Store and intersperse them on a cord with letters that spell out a Halloween word – to make a no bones about it garland.

Halloween Cutting Patterns

Here are some fun and easy Halloween cutting patterns for kids who like to make paper chains.

For more paper cutting ideas, visit Tongs Paper Cutting.

Ghost Garland

Make a fun ghost garland with white muslin over newspaper balls. Or make tiny ghosts with kleenex over tiny newspaper balls.

Halloween Garlands

Easy to make Halloween garlands are bats, ghosts and candy corns, cut from folded paper.

Skeletons and Skull Halloween Crafts for Kids

Boneyard Wreath

With a black paper plate and Dollar Store skeletons, kids can make this cool boneyard wreath.

Crafty Journal - Boneyard Wreath

Boneyard Wreath

Skull Wreath

Newspaper squares glued to a paper plate and sprayed black form the wreath. Just add skulls and a lacy bow to finish a skull wreath.

Crafty Journal - Skull Wreath

Skull Wreath

Day of the Dead Wreath

Wrap a paper plate with black cloth and add a skull and skeletal hands to make a Day of the Dead Wreath.

Crafty Journal - Day of the Dead Wreath

Day of the Dead Wreath

Paper Skeleton

This has patterns for all the bones you’ll need to make a paper skeleton.

To make your skeleton sturdier, glue the paper bones onto cardboard. Or make him out of craft foam.

Using brads to connect the bones will make his joints moveable.

Plastispook Skeleton

Kids will love to put together Plastispooks. Just grab some plastic forks and spoons and start creating!

Chenille Skeleton

A very different sort of skeleton, kids can twist chenille stems together to make a poseable Chenille Skeleton. He can hang from anywhere!

Glue Resist Skeletons

Glue resist skeletons is an interesting technique for making ghostly looking skeletons.

Ghost Crafts

Milk Jug Ghost

Recycle a milk jug into this fun ghost.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Ghost

Milk Jug Ghost

Ghost Finger Puppet from a Milk Jug

Use a recycled milk jug to make this Ghost Finger Puppet.

Crafty Journal - Ghost Finger Puppet from a Milk Jug

Ghost Finger Puppet from a Milk Jug.

Peek A Boo Ghost

Create a cute Peek A Boo Ghost with craft foam and a recycled milk jug.

Crafty Journal - Peek A Boo Ghost

Peek A Boo Ghost

Spooky Ghost Pencil Topper

Recycle a milk jug to make a Spooky Ghost Pencil Topper.

Spooky Ghost Pencil Topper by Crafty Journal

Spooky Ghost Pencil Topper

Ghost Favor Bagalope

Use an envelope to make a quick and easy Ghost Favor Bagalope.

Crafty Journal - Ghost Favor Bagalope

Ghost Favor Bagalope

Ghosts in the Graveyard

Kids can make this super cute ghosts in the graveyard with a cardboard egg carton, twigs and cotton balls.

Ghost on a Doorknob

You can make a ghost on a doorknob in any ghostly shape, on white card stock or craft foam. Draw the face with a black marker.

Glue Ghost Necklace

Kids can make a glue ghost necklace with white glue.

Huey, Dewey & Louie Ghosts

Or ghosts with duck feet! Very cute ghosts made with aluminum foil, cotton cloth and fabric stiffener.

Frosty Leaf Ghosts

Paint artificial leaves white and make a ghost face on the top point to make frosty leaf ghosts. Very easy and they look neat.

Spider Halloween Crafts for Kids

Big Hairy Tarantula

Create a Big Hairy Tarantula with a black plate and bowl, and black bumpy chenille.

Crafty Journal - Big Hairy Tarantula

Big Hairy Tarantula

Arachnophobia Wreath

Wrap black cloth around a paper plate and attach spiders all over for an Arachnophobia Wreath.

Crafty Journal - Arachnopobia Wreath

Arachnophobia Wreath

Hairy Halloween Spider

Make this quick hairy Halloween spider with black bump chenille stems and pom poms.

Jingle Bell Spider

Easy spider is made with bells, pipe cleaners and beads.

Spider Key Ring

This spider key ring will be easy for kids to make with pony beads. It could also be used on a zipper pull for a jacket or backpack.

Furry Spiders

Easy to make spiders to creep around your house.

Paper Plate Spiders

Paper plates, construction paper, black paint and glue will make these paper plate spiders that can hold a treat.

Egg Carton Light Up Spider

Use a battery tea light for this light up spider made with an egg carton and black pipe cleaners.

“Plastic” Gelatin Spiders

Kids will have fun creating these creepy crawlie “plastic” gelatin spiders. The recipe looks easy.

Spider Wand To make a spider wand, glue a spider to the top of a dowel that’s been painted black. It would be effective to add some gauzy fabric or ribbon to it.

Glow Stick Spiders

Using a styrofoam ball and glow sticks, kids can make these fun easy glow stick spiders that glow in the dark.

Spiderweb Art

Spiderweb art is an easy way to make a spider web with glue and rice on black construction paper.

Bottle Cap Spider

This bottle cap spider is intended to be used as a pincushion, but it could just be a spider.

Spider Candy Holder

Made with a paper plate painted back and pipe cleaner legs, this cute spider candy holder is easy to make.

Bat Halloween Crafts for Kids

Vampire Bat Pencil Topper

Make this quick and easy Vampire Bat Pencil Topper as a party project.

Vampire Bat Pencil Topper by Crafty Journal

Vampire Bat Pencil Topper

Vampire Bat Napkin Ring

Use felt or cardstoack to create a fun vampire bat napkin ring for your Halloween table.

Bat Napkin Ring

Vampire Bat Napkin Ring

Bat Finger Puppet

Recycle a black foam vegetable container into a fun Bat Finger Puppet.

Crafty Journal - Bat Finger Puppet

Bat Finger Puppet

Bat on a Stick

An easy and fun project for younger kids is this Bat on a Stick.

Crafty Journal - Bat on a Stick

Bat on a Stick

Halloween Bat Magnet

This easy, fun Halloween bat magnet uses black craft foam and a spring type clothespin.

Bat Pin

You can make several of these Bat Pins easily and quickly. You can wear it as a pin or attach it to your shoulder to be your pet bat!

Easy Clothespin Bat

Martha loves to decorate for Halloween, and she always has great Halloween crafts for kids ideas. This Clothespin Bat is very simple to do.

You could easily make a lot of them to hang all over your house!

Origami Bats

These quick bats are made with black construction paper.

Flying Bats

Construction paper and thread are the ingredients for flying bats that can hang from your ceiling fan!

Bats and Cats Napkin Rings

Cute, easy bats and cats napkins rings use cardboard tubes, black felt, craft paint, pom poms, and other craft bits.

Witches and Cats Halloween Crafts for Kids

Witch Spoon Puppet

You need a wooden spoon, paint, yarn and a bit of Halloween fabric to make this cute witch spoon puppet.

Witches Hats

Attach a pointed party hat to a paper plate and paint it black to make this easy witches hat.

Witch’s Cauldron

Easy to make witch’s cauldron that uses a Glad container, black paint and a black pipe cleaner.

Witches Broomstick Pen

Fun and easy witch broomstick pen using raffia, to share with your friends.

Scaredy Cat

Wrap a black garland around styrofoam balls to make a cute Scaredy Cat.

Crafty Journal - Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat

Witchy Kitty

Substitute a styrofoam ball to make this Halloween kitty. Cut a slice off the bottom so it will sit flat, and paint it black. Finish according to the directions.

Scaredy Cat

Printable parts to make this Halloween cat. Print it on black cardstock or paint it black. Put the parts together with brads.

Lego Witch

Here’s a Lego witch to make for kids who can’t get enough of Legos.

Mummies and Graveyards

Mummified Can

Wrap tea dyed cloth strips around a tin can to make a Mummified Can.

Crafty Journal - Mummified Can

Mummified Can

Mini Mummy

This mini mummy uses a ball, craft stick and gauze.

Origami Mummies

Fold these neat origami mummies with a sheet of white paper.

Movable Mummies

Because this mummy is made with pipe cleaners, it’s poseable. Kids will have fun making it, then finding ways to use it.

Mummy Noteholder

This magnetic backed Mummy made from a craft stick and a wooden clothespin can hold spooky messages on your refrigerator!

Paper Plate Mummy

A paper plate, constgruction paper, and glue are all that’s needed for kids to make this fun paper plate mummy.

Grave Ghoulies

This eerie Halloween project can be put together quickly and easily. Who wouldn’t love to see this ghoulish hand coming up out of their front yard!

More Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

Peek A Boo Frankie

Create a fun Peek A Boo Frankie with craft foam.

Crafty Journal - Peek A Boo Frankie

Peek A Boo Frankie

Spooky Thumbprints

Using black ink and your thumbprint, you can make spiders, bats, cats and other spooky thumbprints critters.

Creepy Eyeball Magnets

Cut eyes from an old magazine and glue glass pebbles on top to magnify them. Clever and fun creepy eyeball magnets.

Frankenstein Noisemaker

Fun Frankenstein noisemaker for kids to make with paper plates.

Halloween Monster Gloves

Clever idea for for Halloween Monster gloves, by adding fake fur and felt fingernails to the back of gloves.

Spooky Spinners

These spooky spinners (pinwheels) are fun and easy for kids to make.

Cereal Box Halloween Stencils

Make cereal box Halloween stencils and use to stencil Tshirts, treat bags and anything else you can think of.

Fun Foam Pins

Easy fun foam pins also need felt scraps and a silver paint pen.

Halloween Bracelet

Great project for little girls, you can use card stock or craft foam, and pony beads to make a Halloween bracelet.

Halloween Pencil Tops

Use craft foam to make cute Halloween pencil tops.

Halloween Pins

Safety pins and pony beads are needed to make these fast and easy Halloween pins.

Halloween Peg People

Pegs (clothespins), paint and decorative paper are needed to make these Halloween peg people.

Cereal Box Monsters

Use cereal boxes, construction paper, egg cartons, glue and markers to make some creative cereal box monsters.

Halloween Village

Print out these houses and color them for Halloween. Make a few other spooky props and your Halloween village is done.

Paper Bag Tree

Great easy to make tree using a paper bag. Spray paint it black and use it in a spooky Halloween scene.

Halloween Snow Globe

Use a recycled jar and one of your kids toy figures (or buy a spooky one) to make a Halloween snow globe.

Halloween Crafts for Kids – Lights

Ghost String Lights

Use single serving milk bottles to make this clever ghost light string. kids need a little adult help with the light string.

Halloween Luminaries

Milk jug luminaries make great Halloween faces.

Halloween Cereal Box Luminaries

You will also need a wire hanger and red and yellow tissue paper to make the Halloween Cereal Box Luminaries.

Creepy Treats Kids Can Make

Lollipop Scarecrow

Cute scarecrow idea with a treat.

Tootsie Pop Spider

An easy spider for kids to make, using pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes.

More Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

For other easy Halloween crafts ideas, see Easy Halloween Crafts, Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers, and Pumpkin Crafts.

Have fun with these great Halloween crafts for kids.


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