Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Easter crafts for toddlers are perfect for the little ones in the family who want to help get ready for the holiday.

Prepare these projects a little ahead so your toddler won’t get bored (and into mischief) waiting for you to be ready.

Paper Plate Easter Wreath

With tissue paper and a paper plate, toddlers can help create a fun paper plate Easter wreath.

Crafty Journal - Paper Plate Easter Wreath

Paper Plate Easter Wreath

Youngsters can do all the gluing and painting on these Easter crafts if you have the pieces cut and ready to use.

Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny

Toddlers can have fun gluing cotton balls to make a fluffy Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny.

Easy Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny by Crafty Journal

Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny


Easter Egg Games for Toddlers

Use colorful plastic eggs to create fun Easter Egg Games for Toddlers.

Fun Easter Egg Games for Toddlers by Crafty Journal

Easter Egg Games for Toddlers


Bunny Hop Finger Puppet

Make a quick and easy Bunny Hop Finger Puppet for little ones.

Bunny Hop Finger Puppet - Crafty Journal

Bunny Hop Finger Puppet

Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet

Toddlers will love dancing Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet around while learning to control their finger movements.

Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet - Crafty Journal

Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet

Peek a Boo Peep

Craft a fun Peek a Boo Peep for little ones or make them for a party craft.

Peek a Boo Peep - Crafty Journal

Peek a Boo Peep

Paper Plate Pop Up Chicks

These easy paper plate pop up chicks can be colored with crayons or markers, or you can scrunch yellow paper to be glued on. Either way, toddlers will find them fun.

Crafty Journal - Paper Plate Pop Up Chick

Paper Plate Pop Up Chick

Toddlers may want to try to do some of the cutting, as well.

Have fun making these great Easter crafts for toddlers.

Paper Plate Easter Wreath

Using a paper plate and tissue paper, with some Easter decorations and a bit of preparation ahead of time, your toddler can have fun creating an easy paper plate Easter wreath.

Easter Egg Sound Set

Fun for little ones is this Easter Egg Sound Set, where you fill plastic eggs with different items that make sounds. Don’t forget to put a jingle bell in one!

Easter Lacing Cards

Bunny, sheep, and duck make great Easter lacing cards for toddlers.

Chicks – Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Paper Plate Chick, Bunny, and Flower

Toddlers can make a paper plate chick, bunny, and flower with paper plates, paint, and a bit of help from Mom.

Hatching Pom Pom Chick

Toddlers will love making and playing with this fun hatching pom pom chick. Put a beak and wiggly eyes on a large yellow pom pom and stuff it in a plastic egg.

Chick Pom Pom

Toddlers can make this easy chick pom pom. Wouldn’t he look cute sitting in half a plastic egg!

Rocking Chick

Paint the back of a paper plate yellow, fold in half and add beak, eyes and feathers to make a cute rocking chick.

Baby Chick

Make a baby chick with yellow construction paper circles. Toddlers can paint the head and body and add feathers, and then add orange feet and legs.

Fuzzy Little Chick

Glue yellow tissue paper pieces all over a styrofoam ball to make a fuzzy chick, then add orange pipe cleaner feet and beak, and wiggly eyes.

Paper Plate Chick

Paint 2 paper plates to make this simple paper plate chick, and add construction paper eyes, feet, and beak.

Chick Mask

Toddlers can make a chick mask by painting a paper plate yellow and gluing on a beak. An adult needs to cut the eye hole and attach a string.

Wool and Glue Birdie Nest

Craft a wool and glue birdie nest for your peeps with pieces of yarn and white glue.

Bunnies and Sheep – Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Toddlers can cover a paper plate with cotton balls, and then add wiggly eyes, pipe cleaner whiskers and a pink pom pom nose to make a paper plate Easter bunny.

Bunny Mask

Toddlers can paint a paper plate pink, and with a little help, make this bunny mask.

Cotton Ball Bunny Ears

For cotton ball bunny ears,let your youngster color a piece of paper for the head while you cut out some bunny ears. Glue cotton balls on the ears and attach to the bunny head.

Paper Plate Bunny

Toddlers can easily craft this paper plate bunny with felt pieces cut in shapes they will need.

Easter Bunny Wreath

Do several of your child’s hand prints on cardstock and let it dry. Cut them out and let your child glue them to the Easter bunny wreath (a paper plate ring) and add eyes, nose and mouth.

Easter Milk Carton Bunny

Lay a half gallon carton (empty) on its side to make an Easter basket. Cut shape shown and glue cotton balls all over it. Add wiggly eyes, nose and pipe cleaner whiskers.

Bunnies and Sheep

To craft bunnies and sheep, draw or print a bunny and lamb and use cotton balls to cover them with “fur”.

Cotton Ball Lamb

Kids glue cotton balls over a paper plate and then add construction paper legs, head and tail to make a soft cotton ball lamb.

Cotton Ball Sheep

Toddlers can make these super cute cotton ball sheep with newspapers, glue, and cotton balls.

Sheep from Paper Tube

Create a cute fluffy sheep by gluing cotton balls all over a toilet paper tube. Use a black pom pom for the head and pipe cleaners for legs.

Eggs – Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Easter Egg Finger Puppets

Stitch these easy, super cute felt Easter egg finger puppets for toddlers. They’ll love playing with them!

Transparent Eggs

A great craft for toddlers, they can place colorful items on the sticky side of egg shaped contact paper. When done, Mom can lay another contact sheet over. Punch a hole for hanging and they’ve made really cool transparent eggs!

Easter Eggs

Toddlers will love gluing sequins, buttons, beads and pompoms onto egg shaped card stock or foam sheets to create colorful Easter eggs.

Egg Sun Catchers

Attach a large, egg-shaped frame to the sticky side of contact paper or a laminating sheet. Then fill it in with multi colors of squares of tissue paper. Add a string and hang egg sun catchers in a window.

Tissue Paper Eggs

Cover a cardboard egg shape with glue and let toddlers cover with tissue paper pieces. Cover with another layer of glue and add pompoms or other decorations to craft tissue paper eggs.

Coffee Filter Easter Egg

This fun colored coffee filter Easter egg is made with food dye and a drinking straw.

Foam Easter Egg Magnets

To make foam Easter egg magnets, have egg shapes already cut from craft foam or cardstock.

Your toddler can cut some strips (if he is ready for cutting) or you can have some ready for him. Have buttons, pom poms, sequins or other embellishments on hand, too

Easter Tissue Eggs

To craft Easter tissue eggs, coat styrofoam eggs with Elmer’s glue and cover with pieces of torn tissue paper.

Wibbly, Wobbly Egg Friend

Using a plastic egg and some Playdoh, your young child can craft a wobbly egg friend. Use simple embellishments.

Peek-A-Boo Egg

With cardboard, cardstock and paper scraps, you can help your toddler craft this cute peek-a-boo egg. Your little one will love opening the egg to find the chick inside.

Coloring Easter Eggs

See these fun and unusual ideas for coloring Easter eggs. Easy for little ones.

Easter Baskets and More Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Bunny Basket

Little crafters can make this bunny basket with a gallon milk jug and construction paper.

Paper Plate Easter Basket

See photo for how to cut a half circle from a paper plate. Glue easter grass and construction paper eggs to the bottom part of the paper plate Easter basket.

Easter Bottle Basket

I know – it says Valentine bottle basket. Just change the color of the paper and use eggs instead of hearts.

Easter Salt Dough Ornaments

Roll out salt dough and cut out shapes with Easter cookie cutters or cookie molds. Let them dry and then paint them to make Easter salt dough ornaments.

Spring Flowers

Toddlers can create flower cookie cutter prints by dipping a cookie cutter into paint and stamping on a paper plate or piece of paper.

Easter Activities

Fun Easter activities will keep your toddler happy and occupied.

For more Easter crafts for toddlers, see preschool Easter bunny crafts and preschool Easter crafts for ideas that may be adaptable for your toddler.

Have fun helping your toddler learn by making Easter crafts for toddlers.


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  1. These are adorable! I have been looking for some Easter crafts to do with the toddler I nanny so this is perfect. I’m stopping by from Marvelous Mondays.

  2. I love crafting with my 2 year old grandson and all of the ideas you shared for Easter are perfect!

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  4. Those finger puppets are cute and great for creating an Easter or animal play to share with the family

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