Kids Angel Crafts to Make

Kids angel crafts to make has lots of easy ideas for kids to make for Christmas decorations.

Most of the angel crafts are ornaments, but they could be easily altered to become magnets, pins or gift package tie-ons.

paper plate angel

Sparkly Paper Plate Angel

You can also swap some of the materials used, such as substitute craft foam for card stock or felt.

Angels can also be used other times of the year – Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just as a special gift to let someone know you are thinking about them.

These kids angel crafts to make have great ideas for all kinds of uses.

More Angel Crafts.

Sparkly Paper Plate Angel

Preschoolers can make a fun sparkly paper plate angel.

Crafty Journal - Sparkly Paper Plate Angel

Sparkly Paper Plate Angel

Angels for Preschoolers

Several paper craft angels suitable for preschoolers can be found here.

Lollipop Angel

This cute angel is quickly made with tissue paper, a cotton ball and a lollipop.

Clothespin Angel

Use a clothespin, cupcake paper, and a few other items to create a Clothespin Angel.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

Clothespin Angel

Paper Clip Angel

Here’s a very easy paperclip angel ornament needs a paperclip clamp, 1 bead, and a piece of satin ribbon. Fast to make and makes a great little gift to slip in a card or to show someone you appreciate them.

paperclip angel ornament

Easy Paperclip Angel Ornament

Butterfly Angel

Create a beautiful Butterfly Angel with 2 Christmas ornaments.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Butterfly Angel

Sweetheart Angel

With a heart and a doily make a lovely Sweetheart Angel

Sweetheart Angel by Crafty Journal

Sweetheart Angel

Snowflake Angel

Use a plastic snowflake and large wired ribbon bow to make a Snowflake Angel.

Snowflake Angel by Crafty Journal

Snowflake Angel

Bath Pouf Angel

Craft a fun Bath Pouf Angel with cupcake liners and bath poufs.

Crafty Journal - Bath Pouf Angel

Bath Pouf Angel

Autumn Angel

Silk or real fall leaves can craft this lovely Autumn Angel.

Crafty Journal - Autumn Angel

Autumn Angel

Shamrock Angel

You can even create a Shamrock Angel for St. Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Angel by Crafty Journal

Shamrock Angel

Holiday Bookmark

Make a paperclip angel and attach it to a holiday bookmark.

Pencil Angel

An easy pencil angel craft that uses a coffee filter and sparkly pipe cleaners.

Heart Angel

Use craft foam instead of paper to make this heart angel sturdier.

Heart Angel

This angel is made with craft foam and craft sticks. You could use your child’s photo for the face.

Safety Pin Angel

Use pony beads and safety pins to make this quick angel.

Pony Bead Angel

An easy angel craft for kids, you need ribbon or cord and pony beads.

Bead Angels

Wire edged ribbon and two beads will make this easy angel.

Dressed In White Angel

An easy to make angel that uses coffee filters and styrofoam ball and cone.

Spoon Angel

Use a plastic spoon and construction paper to make this easy angel.

Tiny Country Angel Pins

Made with bits of yarn and fabric, these quick angels can be ornaments, pins or magnets.

Wine Cork Angel

An easy to create angel, she uses a wood bead, some ribbon and a bit of paint.

Tissue Angel

Easy and quick to make tissue angel uses tissue or white fabric draped over a ball and tied under the head. Aluminum foil wings help her fly.

Paper Bag Angel

An easy to make paper bag angel that looks great when finished.

Ribbon Angel Ornament

An easy to make angel, you need a small glass ball and ribbon.

Enjoy kids angel crafts to make.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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