Milk Jug Bubble Wands

By Noreen Doll.

Making bubble wands is a fun project for a lazy summer day.


Recycle milk jugs to make them, and you can get several wands from one jug.

Then the wands can be decorated with Sharpies, and can be as fancy or colorful as the creator wishes.

Milk Jug Bubble Wand - Crafty Journal


Clean empty Milk Jug



Paper Punch

Sharpie Markers

How to Make Milk Jug Bubble Wands.

Tips for crafting with milk jugs.

1. Draw the wand shapes you want to make on the sides of the milk jug.



Be sure to make the rim of the wand wide enough so it doesn’t tear.

I used a pencil, going over each line several times. I was able to erase the line after I cut it out.

I used the black Sharpie here so the patterns would show up in the photo. If you use a Sharpie, you can erase it with alcohol – or cut inside the lines.

2. Cut a large area around the wands first to remove them from the milk jug.


Then cut the wand out on – or just inside – the pattern line.

3. Punch 2 holes right next to each other just inside the center of the bubble wands.

Milk Jug Bubble Wand - Crafty Journal

Use the holes as a place to start cutting the center with the scissors.

Cut out the center of each bubble wand.


4. The bubble wands can now be used, or the kids can decorate them colorfully with the markers.


To use the milk jug bubble wands, dip them in the bubble solution and gently blow bubbles, or wave the wands in the air to release the bubbles.

Homemade Bubble Solution

3/4 cup water

1/4 cup liquid dish washing soap

5 drops glycerin (OR 1 tsp sugar if you don’t have glycerin)

Optional: Add a couple of drops of food coloring for extra magic.

Mix all ingredients together, and store in a container that’s a good size for dipping your milk jug bubble wand into.

Super Giant Bubbles Recipe

12 Cups Water

1 Cup Dish Soap

1 Cup Cornstarch

2 Tablespoons Baking Powder (not soda)

Place ingredients in clean bowl or bucket. Stir gently. Do not create bubbles. Let sit for an hour before use.

© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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