Homemade Gifts for Men

Finding homemade gifts for men can be a challenge. You need to consider what your recipient is most interested in.

Homemade Gifts for Men by Crafty Journal

Lots of men like anything made with duct tape.

Duct Tape Wallet

Make a fun duct tape wallet for your guy.

Duct Tape Wallet

Duct Tape Wallet

Duct Tape Security Credit Card Holder

Crafty Journal - Security Credit Card Holder

Security Credit Card Holder

Duct Tape Business Card Case Tutorial

Create a great guy gift with this duct tape business card case!

Duct Tape Business Card Case

Duct Tape Business Card Case

Especially Meaningful Homemade Gifts for Men
Book About Him

The tutorial is a book about Dad, but don’t you know several men that would love a small book about what they have meant in your life? I wish I had thought to do one for my Dad while I could.

Things We love About You Scrapbooks

Use photos and commentaries to create things we love about you scrapbooks.

Magazine of Your Man

Create a magazine of your man, with photos and articles that are all about him.

Leather Card Holder

Stitch a leather card holder, which would be a handy gift for a man to carry his cards in.

Business Card Holder

Craft a business card holder using a magazine page, contact paper, and a bit of stitching.

Use leather or oilcloth to create attractive business card cases.

Simple Card Case

Mens Billfolds and Wallets
Tie Wallet

Scroll down for a tie wallet made from an old tie. Or it could be used as a coin pouch.

Wallet from Paperback Book

Craft a wallet from a paperback book.

Tyvek Wallet

A Tyvek wallet is made from the housing wrap and express mail envelope material – which is almost impossible to tear, and therefor quite a sturdy product.

Wallets from all kinds of Materials

Stamped Monogram Handkerchiefs

Use a permanent ink to make stamped monogram handkerchiefs.

Homemade Gifts for Men Beverage Gift Ideas
Beer Me Tile Coasters

Try this fun idea for guys. Beer Me coasters with beer images mod podged to tile. They would be great in a rec room, home office or den.

Map Coaster

Great way to use old maps, when you make this map coaster set.

Map Coasters

Make map coasters using an old atlas or city map.

Game Board Coaster

Use the game board from an old favorite game to make these clever game board coasters. They make great homemade gifts for men.

Coffee Cozy

Make a felt or fleece coffee cozy to keep his drink hot or his hands cool.

Can Coolers

Personalize a set of can coolers with his favorite team or sport.

Creative Drinks

Re-label beer or soft drink bottles with your own fun label.

Necktie Coffee Cozies

Use a favorite old necktie to make necktie coffee cozies.

Blue Jean Drink Cozy

Use some old jeans to make this sturdy and washable blue jean drink cozy.

Comic Book Flask

Mod Podge comic pages onto flask to create an easy comic book flask.

Homemade Gifts for Men Car Gift Ideas
Car Travel Kit

Use a sturdy box to decorate and fill with useful things to carry in a car travel kit.

Car Trash Bag

Help him keep his car neat and clean with a car trash bag.

Car Trash Bag

Cup Holder for a Smart Car

Craft a cup holder for a smart car to hold his drinks.

Cable Cache

Sew a cable cache bag to hold battery cables, safety goggles, and other items that are carried in the trunk of his car.

Homemade Gifts for Guys Edible Goodies
Candy Bar Bouquet

Use sucker sticks, a small plastic bucket, and an assortment of your guy’s favorite candy bars to make a candy bar bouquet.

Tasty Tackle Box

Help kids make this tackle box and fill with Dad’s, Grandpa’s, or Uncle’s favorite treat.

Homemade Greeting Cards for Guys
Men’s Billfold

Craft a paper men’s billfold to hold a gift card or cash.

Card Stock Wallet

Shirt & Tie Card

Craft a shirt and tie card for a guy.

Gift Card Shirt

Fabric Shirt & Tie Card

Origami Shirt Card

Shirt Cuff Card

Make an easy shirt cuff card to go with guy’s gift.

Mens Jacket Card

A few easy cuts and folds will produce this men’s jacket card.men’s jacket card.

Homemade Gifts for Men – Catchalls and Holders

This stitched catchall is quick to make and lays flat when not in use. Make with denim from old jeans.

Cast Catchalls

Make a plaster cast of an item of interest to your recipient. When finished it can be used as a cast catchallor to hold small items.

Handy Holder

Stitch a handy holder to fit over the arm of a chair, to hold all his T.V. necessities.

Personalized Hobby Boxes

Craft a personalized hobby box to match his interests.

Daddy’s Caddy

Mod Podge or glue paper or photos your guy will love around a coffee can to hold his tools.

Homemade Gifts for Men Clocks
Clockin’ Time

Make Clockin’ time, using plywood, a clock movement and Mod Podge. I love the comic section used, but you could put anything that is relevant to the recipient on the front.

Billiards Clock

This billiards clock would also look nice if it was painted.

Saw Clock

Turn a used saw blade into a saw clock for his shop.

Vinyl Album Clock

A vinyl album clock is a fun way to recycle an old record.

Rockin Around the Clock

Gears Cottage Clock

Use wire and metal washers to make this gears cottage clock.

Homemade Gifts for Men – Wearables
Hat Clip

A hat clip is easy to make and a great idea for guys who fish or indulge in other sports where they are apt to lose a cap.

Personalized Necktie

Easy, clever way to stencil a personalized necktie, using freezer paper.

Necktie Tutorial

How to make a necktie.

Bow Tie

Make a bow tie with this tutorial.

Bow Ties

No Sew Bow Tie

Fathers Day Ties

Necktie TShirt

Applique a necktie shape on the front of a tshirt to make a necktie tshirt.

Lounge Around Towel

Quickly make this lounge around towel with one or more towels and elastic.

Felt Slippers

Quick sew heavy felt slippers will be nice and warm.

No Sew Slipper Socks

This easy no sew slipper socks are quick to make and warm to wear. Make some for everyone in the family!

Tie storage pockets are easy to add to the back of a necktie – and very handy.

Fun and Games for Guys
Giant Risk Game

I loved this idea! Draw the game board on a large piece of canvas. Buy sets of kids’ army men and paint some to have green,red, yellow, and blue sets. Make game cards, and add giant dice and a croupier’s stick. Store the giant Risk Game in an ammunition box from an army surplus store.

Personalized Poker Chips

Personalized poker chips are a clever idea for the weekly poker game.

Golf Gift Ideas
Golf Ball Lamp

A golf ball lamp is a great gift idea for golfers. Make a jar lamp and fill with golf balls and confetti. Or fill with anything pertinent to the recipient.

Golf Ball Dog

Make an easy golf ball dog by gluing golf balls together. For a fun tail, glue on a golf tee with the point sticking up.

Golf Ball Keeper

Stitch a long skinny bag for a golf ball keeper he can attach to his golf club bag.

Golf Club Covers

Stitch golf club covers using fleece fabric and the ribbed tops of socks.

Colorful Tees

Paint tees with regular craft paint to make colorful tees that are easy to keep track of. Great gift for kids to make.

Golf Towel

Sew a golf towel with a pocket.

My Only Hole in 1

Make this fun My Only Hole in 1 wall hanging.

Homemade Gifts for Men – Jewelry
Stamped Dog Tag Key Chain

Stamp a dog tag to make a dog tag key chain, or necklace.

Lego Cuff Links

Great fun gift for a guy! Who wouldn’t love Lego cuff links – but I like the idea of using mini-figs for them.

Cuff Links

Make cuff links using coins, gemstones, nuts and bolts, or special small souveniers. You will need the item plus epoxy and cuff link pads.

Cuff Links

Clever ideas for cuff links made to perfectly suit the recipient. Check out the comments below for some creative ideas.

Coin Cuff Links

Make coin cuff links by attaching old or foreign coins to cuff link backs.

Other Fun Homemade Gifts for Men

Create a hammock for relaxing in the shade.


Remote Control Holder

Stitch a remote control holder that fits over the arm of a chair or sofa, with pockets to keep all the remote controls handy.

Remote Control-Holder

Sofa Caddy

Remote Control Pillow

Sew pockets on a pillow to make a remote control pillow.

Remote Caddy and Holder

Sew this fabric remote caddy and holder to put over the arm of a chair.

Bed Caddy

Sew this bed caddy to tuck under the mattress and keep items close at hand.

Photo Gift Ideas
Photo Bookmark

This would be a nice photo bookmark for the special man in your life.

Photo Cube

Make a photo cube for him to put on his desk.

Another Photo Cube

Binder Clip Photo Holder

Quick and inexpensive homemade gifts for men, you could make several of these binder clip photo holders as a set.

Tech Toys
Laptop Sleeve

Sew a laptop sleeve.

Hoodie Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Bag

Laptop Cozy

iPad Cover with Wrap Around Pocket

Sew a handy iPad cover with wrap around pocket.

iPad Cover

iPod Cover

iPhone Cover

Easily stitch and iPhone cover to protect his iPhone.

Dad’s Tie Gadget Case

Use one of Dad’s old ties to make this creative gadget case for a cell phone, iPod or other holder.

Tie Transformation

Necktie Pouch

Smallest Toolbox

Very clever teeny toolbox, this is made with an altoid tin, painted and decorated to look like a toolbox. Very nice.

Tool Box

Make this clever tool box and fill it with favorite treats. It can be used afterwards to hold small items.

Control Center Clipboard

Make a control center clipboard that will help him remember what he needs to do, etc.

Magnetic Wristband

Stitch a magnetic wristband to hold small metal items and free up hands.

Honey Do Belt

I like to think of this Honey Do belt as an emergency tool belt that you can keep handy – with the most used items in the pockets. Buy the apron and stencil the pocket.

Denim Wrench Casing

Sew a denim wrench casing to store his wrenches and keep them handy.

Wrench Roll

Drill Bit Holder

Sew a drill bit holder to keep his drill bits together.

Paint Can Wrap

Make a paint can wrap (with a new paint can) to hold an artist or calligrapher’s tools.

Useful Homemade Gifts for Men
Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Clever idea for carrying necessities, sew this bicycle handlebar bag.

Easy Barbeque Apron to Make

Make this barbeque apron from any fabric the man in your life would love.

Map Gift Ideas
Fun ways to use maps to create homemade gifts for men.

Tie Snake

Make this clever tie snake to guard your guy’s desk top or keep drafts from coming in under the door.

Garage Key Rack

Create a garage key rack using an old license plate and a piece of board.

Firewood Tote

Stitch a firewood tote to make it easier for him to bring in a load of firewood.

Fire Starter from Dryer Lint

Create an easy fire starter from dryer lint.

Vintage Gun Sleeve

Stitch a vintage gun sleeve for him to store his gun in.

Other Links with Multiple Gift Ideas
There are several handcrafted ideas for men sent in by readers.

More Gift Ideas for Men

More gift ideas for men are here, but not all of them are for handcrafted items.

Frugal Homemade Gifts for Men

These frugal gifts for men ideas are not homemade, but I hope they will help you in shopping for the men in your family.

Here are several pages of links to think about for homemade gifts for men.

Gifts To Keep Warm

Tech Toys

Homemade Gifts for Guys

Handmade Gifts for Men

Unusual Groomsman Gifts

Fathers Day Gifts

Cheap Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Unique Fathers Day Gifts


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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