Cracker Box Lid Holder

By Noreen Doll.

Like many people, we use lots of plastic containers that also have lots of lids. These lids are stacked in a messy pile in the cupboard, and we can never seem to find the one we need.

This cracker box lid holder solves the problem perfectly.  And if you put the lids in with largest at the back and smallest in the front, it’s pretty quick and easy to find the exact size you need.

Crafty Journal - Cracker Box Lid Holder

The box can easily be covered with pretty paper, and that would make it a little sturdier, too. But since this box is inside the cupboard, it will never be seen by anyone but us.

It’s amazing how many lids I could fit in the finished holder.


Cracker box or large cereal box


Scoring Tool




Clamps or clothespins to hold the flaps while drying.

How to Make a Cracker Box Lid Holder.

I am using a different box to illustrate how the lid holder is made because I lost all the photos of the procedure using the graham cracker box, and only have finished photos of it to show you.

The procedure is the same – only the box is different.

This is the side of the graham cracker box I used.

Crafty Journal - Cracker Box Lid Tutorial

1. Cut the top flaps off 3 sides of the box, leaving the flap on that will be the back of the holder.

Crafty Journal - Cracker Box Lid Holder

See the red arrow on the left.

Apply glue to the inside of the flap and glue it down to the inside of the box back. Let dry.

I used clothespins for clamps to hold the flap down while it was drying.

2. On the end of the box opposite where you glued the flap down, mark 2 1/2 inches up from the bottom and draw a line across.

Crafty Journal - Cracker Box Lid Holder

Score on the line you drew.

Cut down at both corners to this line.

4. Make another line 2 1/4 inches above the score line.

Cut the top part off at this line.

5. Fold this flap on the score line to the inside of the box and crease the fold sharply.

Glue the flap down to the inside.

Crafty Journal - Cracker Box Lid Holder

See how the front flap is folded to the inside.

6. On one side, draw a diagonal line from the upper corner to the top of the box front.

Crafty Journal - Cereal Box Magazine Holder

7. Score on this line. Fold to the inside and crease the fold sharply.

Adjust the fit of the flap with scissors if the flap is too large in any direction to fit snuggly against the box side.

Crafty Journal - Cracker Box Lid Holder

I needed to cut the tip off the side flap of the graham cracker box to make it fit. See the red arrow on the right.

Glue this flap to the inside.

8. Repeat with the other side.

The cracker box lid holder is finished and ready for use.


The next lid holder I make will be 3 1/2 inches to 4 inches high at the front instead of 2 1/2 inches, as I think it will work better with the larger lids.

You can cut off the flaps instead of gluing them down, but since the box will get a lot of use, I like to make it sturdier by gluing the flaps.

© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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