Toddler St. Patricks Day Crafts

Small children can even have fun making toddler St Patricks Day crafts.

An adult may have to help with some of it, but little ones really enjoy painting and gluing, and these St. Patricks Day toddler crafts let them do it.

TP Tube Shamrock Stamps

Recycle paper tubes into shamrock stamps that toddlers can manage.

TP Tube Shamrock Stamp - Crafty Journal

TP Tube Shamrock Stamp


Craft leprechauns by painting a toilet paper tube green and adding a green ring for a hat, and an orange yarn beard.

Aphabet Snake

Print shapes and put alphabet letters on them (or leave plain). Toddlers can color or paint the shapes and glue them together to make an alphabet snake.

Leprechaun Doorknob Hanger

Print the leprechaun doorknob hanger and let your youngster color it. Cut out the pieces and glue as shown.

Pom Pom Shamrock

Toddlers can make a pom pom shamrock with 3 large green pom poms, a bit of green felt and a piece of ribbon.

Tissue Paper Shamrock

Cut a shamrock from a paper plate. Glue crumpled tissue paper squares to the shamrock.

Stamped Shamrock

Reshape a toilet paper tube to look like a heart. Stamp 3 hearts with their points touching and add a stem to make a stamped shamrock.

Coffee Filter Clovers

Let your tyke color a coffee filter with markers, and then spray water on them to allow the color to run. Nice effect and clever idea.

Shamrock Collage

Cut a shamrock from a cereal box and color it green. Glue on green bits of fabric, pom poms, tissue paper, pieces of green straws to make a shamrock collage.

Shamrock Garland

Cut paper shamrocks for your toddlet to paint green. Poke 2 holes to thread a ribbon through and finish your shamrock garland.

St. Patrick’s Day Lacing Projects

St. Patrick’s Day crafts for young children.

Rainbow Pasta

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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