Origami Box Using Kids Art

By Noreen Doll.

Here’s a great way to make an origami box using kids art.

You know that if you have kids, you have lots of art works they’ve created. You don’t want to throw it away but you don’t know how to use it all either.

Now you can create an origami box using kids art just for wrapping small gifts. What grandparent or aunt wouldn’t love having a gift box made by their favorite little one?

Here are some drawings you can’t throw away – and that make wonderful gift boxes.

Even if you don’t have any art work, you can have a child create some specifically for a box.

What You Need

A Piece of Art Work on a Sheet of Paper



What You Do

The paper square you use needs to be 3 times the size of the box you want. If you want a 3 inch square box, then you need a 9 inch square of paper. This origami box used a piece of computer paper and was 8 1/2 inches square.

1. Make the paper into a square.

Make sure that the part of the art work you want to show is in the exact center of a square.

If the art is being created just for this box, you can cut the paper square before the child colors it. Explain that the majority of color needs to be in the middle.

If a child is making the origami box using kids art, show him/her how to make a square by folding the paper like this – folding the bottom edge to exactly meet one side edge.

Cut off the excess

and open the triangle. The result will be a square.

2. Use a straight edge on the back side of the paper from corner to corner diagonally to mark the center.

Use the straight edge between the 2 opposite diagonal corners and mark the center again – so that you have an X in the center of the square.

3. Turn the paper so one corner is pointing at you. Fold this point up to the center of the paper so it exactly touches the center of the X. Crease the fold.

3. Turn the paper, putting the point of each corner at the center of the X and crease each fold, so the paper looks like this.

4. Now turn the paper so one edge is toward you. Fold this edge up until the top of it meets the center of the square. Crease the fold.

Rotate the square and fold each edge up to the middle and crease each fold. The paper should look like this.

5. Make cuts in the folds on one side. Then make cuts in the two folds on the opposite side as shown below in red.

Cut only to the first fold line – do not cut the middle.

After you’ve made your cuts, the paper should look like this.

6. Grab the point between the two cut folds and pull it out until it is unfolded.

Then fold the two side squares in until their edges meet.

Fold the point part over the two squares and into the box. Tuck the crease into the edge fold and the point will be in the center.

Repeat on the other side of the box.

7. If needed, use a bit of a glue stick to help hold these two points in place.

8. Repeat the same steps with a second square of paper the same size to make a lid.

You don’t need to cut the lid smaller as you can kind of squeeze up the bottom to fit into the top. And having the top and bottom the same size makes them fit snuggly together.

This a great project for kids to learn how to make. The folds are easy because they all fold up to the center of the box.

If your kids are like mine, they won’t be able to stop making these origami boxes using kids art. And the fun thing is that they can make them in all sizes just by varying the size of the square of paper.

We liked making teeny boxes! The square size we used for this one was 4 inches.


For a larger square sheet, use the white side of designer paper, which is 12 inches square, and fold the colored side to the inside and your child’s drawing on the outside.

You can also find the center of a square by folding the square diagonally having opposite corners exactly match. Crease in the center.

Fold the square the other way so the opposite two corners exactly match, and crease in the center.

The two creases should make an X in the middle. I don’t do this if I don’t want creases in the center of the top, because they will show.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if the creases show, so you can just do the folds instead of marking it on the back side.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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    What a great way for kids to wrap up some presents.

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    Love these boxes…and wouldn’t some canvas with this drawings look amazing on walls?
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