Milk Jug Garland

By Noreen Doll.

Create a fun and crafty milk jug garland. This is so durable that you can hang it outside without fear of damage.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

I was studying a milk jug trying to decide how best to place a pattern on it when I happened to look at the bottom and noticed that it had 4 triangles on it.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

The first thing I thought of was the triangular shapes that you see on many garlands.

Since there are 4 triangles on each milk jug bottom, it wouldn’t take very many jugs to make a nice garland.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

If it happens that the bottom of your milk jug is different, you can still make a garland – just cut the triangular shapes out of the sides.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

These are so versatile that you could use them for any holiday, and you could even put 4th of July on one side and Halloween or Christmas on the other side.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

This is a very kid friendly craft, and even toddlers can get in on the action by just coloring the triangles. They don’t need to be fancy or have recognizable designs.


Milk Jugs

Sharpies or Permanent Markers


Twine, Ribbon or Yarn

How to Make a Milk Jug Garland.

Tips for crafting with milk jugs.

1. Remove the label and wash the milk jug.  Let dry.

2. Cut out the triangle shapes on the bottom of the jug.

Or use a triangle shaped pattern to trace and cut triangles from the sides of the milk jug.

3. Use markers to draw designs on the triangles. Use colors that are pertinent for the holiday you are designing the garland for.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

4. Punch holes in the top 2 corners of the triangles.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

5. Run the twine, ribbon or yarn through the holes and across the back of each triangle

If you fold the end into a loop and then squeeze the loop shut, it is a little easier to get it through the hole.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland

Tie a loop in each end of the twine and use the loops to hang the milk jug garland.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Garland


Remember… if you use ribbon or yarn to hang the garland outside, rain may cause the ribbon or yarn colors to run.

The frayed ends of twine can be wrapped with tape or twisted with a little white glue and dried, to make them easier to thread.

© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. oh my goodness, so cute and very versatile! Thanks. ~ Paula

  2. Such a cute idea! I love the recycling :)

  3. What a great use for old milk jugs. It turned out so cute.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  4. This is a great idea!

  5. What a creative idea! Now I’ve just gotta remember to save my milk jugs!

  6. Oh, and I forgot to say I found you from TitiCrafty’s Blog Hop!

  7. How fun and earth friendly too!

  8. Great idea. The grand kids will love doing this one, thanks. Visiting from The Gathering Spot :)

  9. What a great craft! Thank you.

  10. What a fun kids craft! And being able to hang it outside is a plus.

  11. What a great kids craft! And being able to hang it outside is a plus.

  12. What a great use for milk jugs – looks like a fun project for the kids! Thanks for sharing!

  13. That is a wonderful way to recycle milk jugs! With four toddlers, we go through a lot of milk jugs in our house. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea on Artsy Play Wednesday.

  14. This is so cute! Having kids, I go through a lot of milk jugs… and this is just in time for 4th of July!!

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  16. haha I meant JUGS!

  17. This looks awesome!!!

  18. Thanks for coming to Two Girls and a Party! What a fun idea for kids- our milk jugs are translucent, though, instead of white. I guess we could paint them first :)

  19. Translucent would be fine… kids aren’t fussy! But you couldn’t put another holiday on the back side, you’d have to make a separate set.


  20. Another cute idea!

  21. Love that you reused something you’d typically just throw out – great idea and cute!

    Have a great weekend~xo
    Sharon and Denise!

  22. This is so cute! And I love a way to reuse a milk jug – great idea!

  23. SO clever!

    Small Fine Print

  24. Looks like a great craft for little ones!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

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  26. What a good way to reuse milk jugs. Thanks for showing it.

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    Have a wonderful week!

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