Matchbox Gift Box

By Noreen Doll.

This matchbox gift box started out to be something else, which didn’t work out.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

Then my daughter pointed out that it would make a re-usable gift box. So the project was salvaged and turned out well.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

It works on the same principle as a matchbox, as the box slides out of the lid.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

It can be made in larger sizes by changing the dimensions.

This size box can easily hold folded or rolled dollar bills, gift cards, jewelry, and other small items.

Of course, you could just take a matchbox apart and trace it for a pattern, but knowing the basics of how to make one allows you to create a matchbox of any size – from tiny to enormous.


Colorful Card Stock

Contact Paper – Clear




Scoring Tool

Double Sided Tape

How to Make a Re-Usable Matchbox Gift Box.

1. Use this pattern to make a box that is 2 1/2 inches by 5 inches by 1 inch high.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

2. Trace the pattern (or draw it lightly on the back side of the paper).

The box bottom is on the left, and the cover that slides over it is on the right.

3. Cut the traced pattern out.

4. Cut a piece of clear Contact paper just slightly larger than each box piece.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

Remove the backing from the Contact paper. To start a corner, tear a small bit in the end of the paper, and it will come loose so you can grasp it and pull the backing off.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

The backing is easier to remove if you pull from a corner diagonally across the sheet.

5. Apply the Contact paper to the colorful side of each box piece, allowing a little extra to extend beyond the edges.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

This allows you to more easily align the Contact Paper to the box piece.

Adhere the Contact paper firmly to the box piece. Cut off the excess.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

6. Box bottom: Cut the slits at both ends as shown with a red line.

Cut a diagonal piece off each corner as shown to make a better fit when the sides are raised.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

Score on all the fold lines. Fold toward the inside (or uncolored side) of the box and crease all the fold lines sharply.

Use a piece of double sided tape on each small tab of the box to tape the ends to the sides.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

Cut 4 strips of contact paper 3/4 inch wide by 1 1/2 or 2 inches long.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

Use these strips on the inside of the box, overlapping the edge of the tabs, for extra strength.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

7. Box Top: Score on all the lines and fold and crease sharply.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

Cut a strip of Contact paper 5 inches long by 1 1/2 inch wide.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

Overlap the long edges of the box top and use the strip to tape the overlapping edges together

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

8. Slide the box bottom into the box top and it is finished.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

Use ribbon or twine to keep the box shut and as a decoration.

Matchbox Gift Box - Crafty Journal

I used clear Contact paper to make the box sturdy.

You don’t need to do this, but we will reuse this box many times, and it will become very familiar as it makes regular reappearances for any gift giving occasion.


You can see slightly into the box when it’s closed, and we counteract this by wrapping the contents in a matching piece of tissue paper – which you can store inside the box and reuse when you reuse the box.

Instead of scrap booking paper and clear Contact paper, you could use colored Contact paper over card stock or cereal box cardboard.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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