Garland Chick

by Noreen Doll.

Craft an easy garland chick that has lots of personality.


This fun chick can sit on your Easter table or guard the goodies in an Easter basket.

I found the garland and the styrofoam balls at Dollar Tree, so they were very inexpensive.

What You Need

Yellow Garland

Styrofoam Balls in 2 inch and 3 inch sizes

Craft Foam Scraps – Orange and Black

1 Orange Pipe Cleaner

Hot Glue or Tacky Glue


What You Do

1. Prepare the garland chick body. Flatten the bottom of the larger ball by rubbing it hard on a flat surface. Make sure it is flat enough to sit without rolling.

2. Use a toothpick to poke a hole in the top of the larger ball, and wiggle it around a bit to slightly enlarge the hole.

Poke a hole with the toothpick in the bottom of the smaller ball.

Fill both holes with glue and press the toothpick halfway into the larger ball. Quickly place the smaller ball on the other end of the toothpick and press the balls firmly together.

Let dry.

3. Prepare the garland.  Because my garland had colored foil eggs attached, I pulled them off.

The garland was on a thin wire, so I wrapped it around my hand to prepare the wire for being wound around the ball.

4. If using tacky glue, cover the entire surface of the larger ball, except for the flat bottom. Begin winding the garland starting at the bottom.

Stick the end of the wire into the ball to help hold the garland in place while you wind. Keep the rounds close together, and even overlap to get good coverage. Press the rounds into the glue.

(If using hot glue, you need to add it a little at a time as you wind the garland onto the ball.)

Cover all of the large ball up to the small ball.

5. Add glue all over the small ball and continue wrapping the garland around it. Finish by curling the garland around on top of the small ball.

Cut off the excess. Let dry.

6. Make the feet by using the diagram on how to bend the orange pipe cleaner. Be sure to make a small hook at each end for securing the back of the foot to the leg.

After you finish the first foot, start the second foot at the other end of the pipe cleaner. When both feet are finished, gently curve the pipe cleaner evenly between them.

Here’s what the finished feet should look like.

7. Make a narrow indentation in the center of the bottom side of the large ball just large enough for the legs. I used the tip of my scissors to make the slot.

Fill the indentation with glue. Push the top of the legs firmly into the slot. Leave upside down to dry.

After it’s dry, you could add a piece of duct tape across the slot to help ensure the legs will stay. Mine won’t be handled much, so it’s fine without.

8. Find the best side of the body and head for the front.

Because the garland was long and scraggly, I trimmed it just a little shorter where I was going to add the face.

9. Cut a beak and eyes from craft foam or felt scraps as shown.

10. Using glue, attach the beak to the head.

11. Glue the eyes above the beak, keeping them fairly close together.

To get an idea of how you want the face to look, lay the beak and eyes on the table and move them around until you like the result. Then add them to the face that way.

Your garland chick is finished. He would be cute sitting in an Easter nest on the table surrounded by candy eggs or jelly beans.


Preschool kids might be a little young for this project, but older kids can have fun with it.

If using hot glue, make sure an adult is there for that part.

Using a fluffier garland without the wire center would make a fluffy looking garland chick, and might be easier to put together.

You could make the chick larger by using larger styrofoam balls. An egg shape would work also.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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