Craft with Cereal Boxes

by Noreen Doll.

There are lots of clever ways to craft with cereal boxes. And one of the best things about using them is that they’re free!

Use cracker and cereal boxes for patterns.

In order to be sure you always have a supply  of cracker or cereal box cardboard, save all your boxes.

To keep them from taking up too much space, open out the ends of the boxes and then fold them flat.  This way you can store lots of boxes in a small space.

You can store them either flat or on edge.

The cardboard is easy to cut, but sturdy enough for you to draw around again and again.

If you can print your pattern from the internet, try printing on old manilla file folders cut to fit in your printer.

Then trace around the cut out file folder pattern onto a cereal box to make your permanent template.

Actually, I bought a large box of manilla folders just for this purpose. They are pretty inexpensive, and I use them a lot.

On each pattern piece be sure to write clearly, with a pen or Sharpie, what the pattern is and any other pertinent information,

To store your templates, you can put them in a ziplock bag.  Probably you will need some of the 2 gallon size bags, as the 1 gallon is often just a little short.

You could also use page protectors to store your templates, and keep them in a loose leaf binder. Or use the large brown envelopes.

The flaps from cereal boxes can be used for smaller pattern pieces. Or you can use the edge from one to spread glue evenly when you are crafting.

Cracker and cereal box cardboard is also great for lots of crafting projects.

A cracker box was cut up to make the covers for these haunting Halloween notepads.

Haunting Halloween Notepads

Haunting Halloween Notepads

And this cereal box was cut down enough to make a tuck in flap and then used to gift wrap a book.

Cereal Box to Gift Box

Gift Box from a Cereal Box

So start saving your boxes now so you’ll be ready to craft when you find a project you like.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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