Craft Ideas for Mothers Day

by Noreen Doll.

For most Moms, being with their kids and grandkids on Mother’s Day is a great gift.

These craft ideas for Mothers Day will be an additional gift Mom will appreciate receiving.

Kids can help make many of these gifts. If your child is making a gift for Grandma, you may want him or her to make one like it for you, also. (Because you know you’ll want one, too!)

Enjoy making these craft ideas for Mothers Day.

Mother’s Day Gift Card Holder

Craft this attractive Security Credit Card Holder for Mom, and slip some cash or a gift card into the pocket. Then she can use it to keep her credit cards safe.

Crafty Journal - Security Credit Card Holder

Security Credit Card Holder

Pad of Love Notes and Money

Cut several sheets of paper to the size of dollar bills and write messages/draw pictures on them. Make a stack of them interspersed with money and “pad” the ends. A pad of love notes and money is sure to please!

10 Things I Love About My Mom Book adult or kids for mom

Using cardboard or chipboard, kids or adults can make a 10 Things I love About My Mom Book. Change the name to Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc and it’s guaranteed to be loved by anyone who receives it.

Why I Love You Box

Craft a special box to fill full of notes on Why I Love You. Grandkids could help fill the box.

I Love Mom Magnetic Scrabble

Put magnets on backs of Scrabble tiles and spell out I Love Mom or another message on a small metal cookie sheet.

Photo Craft Ideas for Mothers Day

Photo Seed Packet

Create a super cute photo seed packet with a great kid’s photo.

Photograph Jewelry

To create photograph jewelry, embellish jewelry with kids photos to make a great pendant, necklace or bracelet any Mother or Grandmother would love.

Coaster Album

See this great coaster album you can make with a few chipboard coasters, pretty paper, photos, and a few embellishments.

Quick, Cute Magnets

Glue your youngster’s photo onto a recycled can lid with a rim around it. Add a magnet to the back to finish your quick, cute magnet.

Mother’s Day Photo Box

Create this Mother’s Day photo box with a nugget tin, pretty paper, and a few photos.

Jewelry Craft Ideas for Mothers Day

Bracelet Fastening Tool

With a couple of tools and a piece of wire, you can create a clever bracelet fastening tool that every Mom who wears bracelets will love!

Bracelet Fastening Tool

Bracelet Fastening Tool

Stamped Mother’s Necklace

Learn to stamp on metal to make a stamped Mother’s necklace.

Scrabble Tile Pendants with Child’s Art Work

Copy and reduce your child’s art work to fit on a scrabble tile. Protect with Mod Podge and add a bail, to craft Scrabble tile pendants. Great gift for Moms and Grandmas.

Angel Charm

Make an angel charm with a head pin and beads, to add to a bracelet, pendent, or bookmark.

I Heart U Mom Pin

Make an I Heart U Mom pin for Mother’s Day with foam hearts, cute vintage pictures and buttons. Mom will love it for Mother’s Day as well as Valentine’s Day.

Candy Bouquet for Mom

Using Lindt candies, make these candy flowers and then the candy bouquet for Mom.

Pencil Bouquet

Craft a pretty pencil bouquet to go with Mom’s bird notepads.

Flower Basket for Mom

Create a beautiful arrangement of artificial flowers in a basket for a flower basket for Mom to hang on her door.

Clay Pot & Flowers for Mom

Paint a clay pot and decoupage a flower print on it. Fill the pot with real or artificial flowers to match the print for a clay pot & flowers for Mom.

Spring Flowers in a Tin Can

Stick a dowel into flower foam in a tin can. Make a beautiful paper flower to attach to the top of the dowel for spring flowers in a tin can.

Teacup Lights

Orphan china cups make great teacup lights and are easy to do. Put in a wick and add wax from old melted candles.

Kids can help make some of these easy craft ideas for Mothers Day.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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