Christmas Money Tree

By Noreen Doll.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

A Christmas money tree makes a very fun gift, and it’s perfect for anyone.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

You can use any denomination of dollar bills to create it, so you can give whatever amount of money you want to.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

7 bills were used to create this money tree.

Christmas Money Tree - Crafty Journal

I found this great idea at Then She Made.

I thought a gold dollar coin would make a fun tree topper in place of a star.


7 Dollar Bills of any amount.

Green Floral Wire

1/4 Inch Dowel – 12 Inches Long

1 Clean Can – 14.5 to 15 ounce size.

Decorative Paper – 4 inches by 10 inches, or size that fits around can.

Double Sided Tape

Styrofoam Chunk to fill can

Greenery for around the tree base.


How to Make a Christmas Money Tree.

1. Prepare the can.

Cut the styrofoam to fit snuggly in the can. Mine didn’t fit all the way to the top, so I tightly packed some paper to fill the can the rest of the way.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

Use the double sided tape to attach the decorative paper to the outside of the can.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

2. Poke one end of the dowel down the middle of the can and through the center of the styrofoam.

3. Fan fold all the dollar bills long ways, every 1/2 inch.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

Then fold the bills in the center like this, making a larger fold in each bill as you go toward the top of the tree.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty JournalChristmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

4. Cut a piece of floral wire 24 or more inches long. Wrap it tightly around the dowel near the base so that the remaining ends are the same length.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

5. Starting with the longest folded bill, attach it with an X across the front, bringing the wires around to the back of the dowel and crossing them again before bringing them back to the front of the dowel.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

6. Attach the next longest bill just above the first one, in the same way – like lacing a shoe.

Continue attaching the bills, working toward the shortest one at the top.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

After you attach the top dollar bill, wind each end of the wire around the dowel again and bend the wires down the back of the dowel.

7. To attach the coin at the top, cut a piece of floral wire about 12 inches long.

Starting at the center of the wire, wrap it twice completely around a 1/2 inch PVC pipe (or similar size shape).

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

With the circles at the top of the dowel as shown, wrap each wire end around the top of the dowel a few times to hold the circles firmly in place.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

8. Add a gold president coin, or other similar coin, between the two wire circles. Bend the circle wires to hold the coin firmly in place.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal

9. Tie a ribbon, twine or yarn around the can and finish with a bow.

Christmas Money Tree by Crafty Journal


If you can’t find a dollar coin, use a foil wrapped chocolate coin instead.

Instead of all dollar bills, cut pieces of green paper to the size of dollar bills and write encouraging messages or good wishes on them and use them in place of one or two of the bills.

Noreen Doll.

Crafty Journal

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  1. That is such a neat idea, a lot better idea than just giving a check or gift card to somewhere they might not want.

  2. What a lovely idea, In the UK the smallest note is a £5 so this would have to be for a gift of at least £35, though I see you are being super generous here with $101. At least we have loads of coins to choose from for the top.
    You have such a lot of good ideas!

  3. Great idea! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Maybe instead of money in each place, a few of them could be good wishes written on paper cut to the size of the bills.

  5. What a nice gift for anyone, anytime! This is a nicer looking way to give money than the standard gift card. It could be used for many occasions. Thank you for sharing!

  6. This is a good idea. Especially when sometimes your children think you have a money tree. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Love this idea! I’m always scrambling around trying to find some small trinket to attach the cash onto – this is perfect – much better than a box of chocolates or tri-pack of gum. Thanks for the inspiration and I’m so glad I found you over at the Your Great Idea Linky Party!

  8. awesome idea! I would love to receive one or a dozen of these myself! :) hope you will come by and link to our Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  9. Oh who wouldn’t love to receive this fun gift?!! So cute and clever! A really unique way to give cash.

  10. Thanks for sharing this cute idea with us at MM tonight – pinning!

  11. Such a cute idea! Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. What a clever idea! Great tutorial.
    Have a great week,

  13. Great idea!
    Can I have one of this ;D

  14. Beautiful tutorial, Noreen! So needful at this time. Your friend, Linda

  15. Nice tutorial! My kids would love it, wonder if they could keep their hands of the bills…
    visiting from Ladybugblessings linky 😉

  16. Oh my heavens, this is so cute! Love it. Thanks so much for sharing at this week’s Project Inspire{d}~ pinned!

  17. What a fun and clever way to give someone money for Christmas. I love this idea. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

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  21. What a clever idea! I love this and am going to do this for the holidays!

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  24. What a lovely idea, I would love to receive one of these lol!

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    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly

  27. Thank you for linking to Whimsy Wednesday! Your money tree makes a perfect gift and I featured it today!

    Hope your holidays are Merry and Bright!

  28. How awesome is this. i love it. Can’t wait to try it.

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  31. This is a great idea! This would make a great gift for my grandkids. Their getting to the age that I don’t know what to get for them. Their getting picky on clothes. I think they would be tickled to get a money tree. Only problem, their parents would probably wonder where their’s were. ;-D Thanks for sharing this awesome idea.

  32. Wonderful idea!! Totally going to make this

  33. That is amazing! Sometimes money is the best gift to give someone but it just doesn’t seem right to stick it in an envelope – this is so much better!

  34. What a clever way to give money as a gift. Thank you for sharing at The Southern Special.

  35. Oh my! This looks incredible! Pinned and tweeted. We always love partying with you, I hope to see you Monday at 7 pm at our party. Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  36. HI, Noreen, I just noticed.. you don’t have a Facebook account? Sometimes I go over and share a post from there but if not I’ll post this page. I LOVE this idea. Always looking for ways to inspire readers.. this is a big one for most people and fun way to give money. This is such bad grammar. Sorry. Your friend, Linda

  37. These are awesome Noreen – such a great idea!

  38. This is lovely! I now know how to give $ to my grandkids this year. Thanks for the tutorial :)

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