Bug Scoop for the Squeamish!

Dead or alive!

by Noreen Doll.

Make an easy bug scoop with a cardboard tube.

Bug Scoop from a Tube by Crafty Journal


Anyone who has spent much time around kids is aware that there are some who really, really don’t want to handle bugs. (There are even a few adults like that.)

I recently came up with an idea for picking up a bug – dead or alive – without actually having to touch it.

All you need is a cardboard tube, from paper towels, plastic wrap, toilet paper, or even wrapping paper.

For the super squeamish, longer is better. Here is a good size for the faint of heart.

All you have to do is to flatten one end

and fold it up a half inch or so. If you have a long tube you can fold up an inch or two of the end.

Now you can scoop up a live insect and return it to the outdoors, or scoop up a dead bug and drop it into the garbage.

It might even be fun for kids to use and help them get over their squeamishness. They could color it, glue stickers on it, and just have fun creating their own bug scoop.

A crafter could enjoy covering the outside of the tube with designer paper and even embellishing it if desired. Here is a patriotic bug scoop.

The end is folded under for decorative purposes.

See our brave volunteer demonstrate how a bug scoop is used.

No bugs were harmed in the creation of this scoop.

Mega Bug Scoop for the big hairy tarantula.

giant bug scoop

Mega Bug Scoop for Big Hairy Tarantula

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. What a great idea!
    There’s times I need the toilet paper roll… then there are times I’d need two wrapping paper rolls attached to each other end to end. LOL Depends on my mood and what the critter is.

  2. This is such a great post. I’m one of those adults who cannot handle bugs. This will come in handy when Husband isn’t around to kill bugs for me.

  3. Great idea to use what we’d normally throw away. I like that re-use idea. My husband can use the bug scoops to release bugs to the outdoors. He does the catch and release thing…me, I just whack ’em.

  4. Hi, I enjoyed the post you linked in to Claire Justine – very creative and useful too. I have linked in a post about a chilli dish I made. Have a lovely week.

  5. this has my name all over it! i usually squish the offending bug with a shoe and then drag the vacuum over to suck it up. but this is much better and it’s recycling :-)

  6. LOVE it!!!

  7. This is AWESOME!!! This is really neat!! haha I need to make one!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  8. Very clever! I personally don’t like picking up bugs, this idea is for me. Thanks for sharing on my WW linky!

  9. Clever. I must be one of the squeamish though because I wouldn’t find it necessary to decorate my tube since it would get thrown out with whatever unwanted visitor had invaded my space. 😀 Thanks for the idea and sharing on BeColorful this week.

  10. Cute cute idea. My 2-1/2 year old grand-daughter a couple of months ago, developed a phobia of bugs. She literally screamed and cried every time she saw one and was driving her parents crazy. When she came to visit me, I bought one of those see thru canisters magnified on one end. We found some pretty gorgeous bugs outside, bright green, peacock blue, yellow and black, etc which we viewed in the magnified canister. By the time she left to go home, she was over her fear of bugs. LOL….I bet she would have loved scooping up one in your clever invention.

  11. Great idea! -Marci

  12. You. Are. Brilliant!!! Seriously, why have I never thought of this? You should patent this and make millions! :) I hate spiders! Hate! But I also hate feeling them squish when I grab them with a tissue. Thanks for sharing!

  13. what a great idea. those creepy crawlies always give me the willies… thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  14. Hello Noreen: What a clever idea! Well done, and it recycles all those paper tubes that would just go in the trash anyway.

  15. Thank you all for your comments! I hoped the bug scoop would bring a smile, as well as make it easier to dispose of unwanted critters.

  16. Never would I have thought of this. I just spay them and pick up with a paper towel.

  17. What a great idea! I’m going to start saving paper towel rolls. I usually use lots of paper towels but this is much better.

    I would love it if you would share this at the Smart Solutions linky party. You can link up here:


    Have a great day!

  18. What a great idea! My kids collect bugs ALL DAY LONG … this would be a great little tool. Thanks for sharing!

  19. What a clever idea! I’ll need to use this one!!

  20. My boys aren’t squeamish, but their new passion is collecting spiders and bugs. I should make them some of these to make their jobs easier.

  21. What a great idea and what a cute post! I plan on giving that a try myself.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  22. I laughed with delight every time I saw your creation on Busy Monday — what a great idea! I know several people who would love one of these and put it to good use. You are featured this week on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! I hope you will stop by and grab a Featured Button from the Button Box on the sidebar this afternoon. Pinned. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve been working on!

  23. Genius ! As a mom of 4 boys, who is completely terrified of most bugs, this could come in very handy. Thanks for the idea !

  24. This is a fantastic idea, it so made me laugh. I usually use a jar and an old postcard to trap them.
    I have been known to leave spiders under jars for my husband to remove when he
    gets home. I’m going to get my daughter to make one so she can take it to college.

    Ali x

  25. This is a great idea. I’ll have to make one of these. I won’t have to use tissue anymore.

    Visiting from Sew Darn Crafty Linkup,

  26. This is an awesome idea but I would also staple, tape then cement down the folded end just to ensure it didn’t accidentally unfold and have the bug anywhere near me. EWWWW!!! But seriously, this is a cool idea. :)

    This seems like the kind of thing that would make a great freebie with purchase at a craft show. It’s clever. It’s funny. It costs next to nothing and takes minimal time to make.

    Imagine a basket full of these all decorated in different colors and patterns. It would be a great conversation starter from people curious to know what they are.

  27. A really cute idea, really! EWWWW I hate creepy crawlers, so this would work good, you don’t think he’d turn around and come out the end he came in on, do ya! It’s a great way to repurpose, and so way too cool and cute! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

  28. Ha ha! This is such a sweet and clever idea! My kids would love scooping bugs with these.. a great way to recycle too!
    Thanks for sharing with the Pink hIppo Party~
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  29. Cathy, if you think the bug might crawl back out the end it went in, you need the extra long wrapping paper tube size. LOL


  30. Christina at I Gotta Create! says:

    Eeeewww! Get me the long tube please! :)
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  31. YOU were featured!! Come on over and grab a button! Thanks for linking up with us last week!


  32. This is such a great idea! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

  33. This is great! I am pinning this clever idea now. Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday each week. I appreciate YOU! Can’t wait to see what you link up next :)

  34. too fun!
    Thank you for linking up @ Inspire Me Fridays!

  35. Such a cute clever idea! I’ll have to make one, because right now, we are overflowing the little buggers!

  36. ahaha!! that is clever! i would not have thought of that noreen!

    i would probably just have to get my husband to do it! lol!

    thanks for joining my linky party!

    huggies ***
    smart momma

  37. Love this! How cute. I’m one of those grown ups who can’t deal with bugs. I usually throw (not whack) a shoe at them and let out a blood curdling scream in the process. Not fun…although hubby thinks it’s funny so he tells me to get the spiders so he can have a good laugh. Making this for HIM! Thanks so much for linking up to our Pinteresting Party!

  38. I’m so going to use this as a Halloween game for my kids parties at school! (fake bugs of course) lol What a great idea!

  39. What a fun idea! I can think of several games that could be played with them. Tossing the bug from your scoop for another person to catch in theirs (very tricky). Scoop relay races. How many bugs can you get in your scoop? And they could decorate them for Halloween before they used them. Thanks for sharing your idea with us, Corey.


  40. What a great idea! I so needed this a few weeks ago when my youngest daughter was studying bugs at school and kept wanting to take ones she found in the garden in to class – but Mummy had to catch them!! Euuughh!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  41. Saw this on Ishare crafts and Love the idea!!! I will most def use this in the future to fend off big hairy spiders!!!

  42. Not that I’m an advocate for spider’s rights or anything, but typically speaking, an indoor spider can’t survive outside. They don’t have the defenses against predators and their prey lives inside. They eat common household bugs and while creepy and crawley, they actually are beneficial to your household. If you let that spider go outside, you might as well squish it. It’s a quicker death than starvation.

  43. That IS a great (and very very simple) idea. Ya, I admit that it’s right up there on the list of the simplest crafts ever for sure. Hats off to YOU! :)

  44. Wish I had of known this when my kids where younger! Neat idea! Found post at the Craft Challenge!

  45. i need the mega scoop!! lol what a great idea and one of those duh why didn’t I think of that simple ones :) thanks for linking to the creative challenge link up!

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