Turn Baby Socks into Keepsakes

By Noreen Doll.

For a fun Christmas tree ornament, as well as a cherished keepsake, hang your little one’s first pair of socks on the tree.

Crafty Journal - Baby Sock Christmas Ornament

They make darling little Christmas stockings.

Crafty Journal - Baby Sock Christmas Ornament

Comparing that tiny sock with the current size of your offspring’s foot can be fun for the whole family – especially the owner of that foot!

Crafty Journal - Baby Sock Christmas Ornament

It would be extra special if you take a photo of the baby wearing the socks.

Or maybe for fun, take a photo of the baby sock on the big toe of the now grown owner.

© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal



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  1. Oh, I love this, Noreen! You can also sew or glue on a picture of the child wearing them. I made a memory hat out of my granddaughter’s winter hat. I printed out pictures on fabric of her wearing the hat in the snow and then sewed them on the hat. It’s on my blog from years ago. I didn’t think of socks but I’ll keep that in mind for Christmas ornaments! Keep cool. Linda

  2. What a great idea. Now that I”m eagerly anticipating the arrival of my first granddaughter, I”m squirreling away all these cute ideas. Thanks for contributing one to the pile!

  3. Cute idea! Thanks for coming to Artsy Play Wednesday.

  4. I love this!!! Now I can save one more thing from my kids and I feel like a little less of a hoarder because it is both cute and useful :)

  5. Very cute and sweet !! I have made little coin purses out of baby socks but the ornament idea really appeals to me.

  6. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing at TTF this week!


  7. Omg that is the most adorable idea thank you so much for sharing it!

  8. What a wonderful idea love it! Thank you for sharingit…Tammy

  9. What a sweet idea. I have 2 of my diaper pins (how old am I?!) that we hang on our tree as a novelty. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that with all my babies, I’ve never thought of this! Definitely going to start this tradition. Thanks!

  11. What an adorable idea! Thanks for sharing it!

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