Toddlers Free Valentine Crafts

Here are lots of toddlers free Valentine crafts.

With a little preparation ahead, and a bit of assistance, there are many Valentine crafts a toddler can make.

Be sure to have any cutting out or putting together done before you bring your young child to the craft area.

He/she will be ready to start the minute you mention the craft, so it will be easier for both of you if you have done your preparation ahead of time.

Let your child choose what colors he/she wants to use when creating toddlers free Valentine crafts.

Paper Plate Heart Decoration

With a bit of help, toddlers can easily make this paper plate heart decoration. Cut the heart out of the plate ahead of time so it is ready.

Valentine Candy Bouquet

Draw outline flower shapes on a paper plate or white cardstock and let your toddler color them. Cut them out and poke a hole in the center. Let your child push a lollipop stick through and make several for a Valentine candy bouquet.

Paper Plate Spirals

Paint a paper plate and cut in a spiral. Punch a hole at top end and add a string or ribbon to hang.

Musical Heart

To make a musical heart, paint two paper plates red and cut a heart shape out of the center of one. Add bells, rice, gravel or other noise makers on the non-hole plate. Cover the heart opening with a zip lock bag and tape them together.

Paper Heart Pillow

Craft a paper heart pillow: staple two large newspaper hearts together, stuff with more newspaper and let your toddler paint it.

Heart Lacing Project

Create a heart lacing project. Make a heart on a thick piece of cardboard and cut out. Punch holes all around and use yarn or ribbon for lacing.

Collage Heart

Make a collage heart by cutting a large cardboard heart and let your toddler paint it. After it dries he/she can glue random red materials to it.

Valentine Heart Leis

With a bit of help toddlers can string hearts and lengths of straws on yarn to make fun Valentine heart leis. Cut the straw pieces a little shorter for easier threading.

Valentine Crown

Here’s a fun paper Valentine crown that kids can make with construction paper, tissue paper and pipe cleaners for fun toddlers free Valentine crafts.

Heart Man

Toddlers will have fun creating this cute heart man using craft foam hearts and pipe cleaners.

Heart Flower Bouquet

For this heart flower bouquet make craft foam hearts of different sizes. Glue smaller ones to larger ones for flowers and use pipe cleaners for stems.

Thumb Body Loves You

Toddlers can make this easy craft for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just for a special gift. Use pink and white construction paper, red paint and the child’s photo. Cute idea.

Finger Printed Hearts

Paint your toddlers index finger and press in a heart shape to make finger print hearts.

Valentines Day Wreath

For a Valentines Day wreath, cut the center out of a paper plate and let your toddler paste pre-cut hearts all around the edge of the plate.

Sailor Valentines

Color different shapes of pasta to make these easy Sailor Valentines.

Valentine Votive

Toddlers can make this easy Valentine votive by gluing torn pieces of pink, red and white tissue paper onto empty baby food jars.

Heart Stamp

Make a heart stamp from a potato or an old sponge, and stamp heart tags or cards, or wrapping paper.

Apple Print Valentine

Cut an apple in half and use it to stamp red prints all over a brown paper bag heart shape for an apple print Valentine.

Painted Paper Doilies

Painted paper doilies are easy for younger kids to do.

Watercolor Crayon Resist

Ahead of time make secret pictures or designs with white crayon on white paper to make a watercolor crayon resist.

When the toddler paints the page with watercolors the design magically appears.

Easy Toddlers Free Valentine Crafts

Make a Valentine sun catcher, mini Valentine garden, Valentine mailbox or Heart Flutterflys.

Toddler Valentine Hearts

There are several toddler Valentine hearts projects here.

Heart Sun Catchers

Use contact paper and small colored tissue paper squares for these easy heart sun catchers.

Valentine’s Day Scissor Project

This Valentine’s Day scissor project gives your toddler a chance to practice using scissors, while making a fun craft.

Valentine Love Tree

Cut out a simple tree shape with bare branches. Let your toddler paste heart stickers all over the branches and trunk to make a Valentine Love Tree.

Kitty Valentines

Toddlers can glue heart shapes on a painted cardstock background to make a kitty Valentine.

Heart Animals

Find all kinds of animals made with hearts that can be used for Valentine’s Day.

Help your child be independent while making these toddlers free Valentine crafts.


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