Preschool Turkey Crafts

Making preschool turkey crafts is great fun for very young children.

Paper Plate Pop Up Turkey Tutorial

paper plate pop up turkey

Paper Plate Pop Up Turkey

Getting ready for Thanksgiving is more enjoyable for kids if they can help.

Here are some great preschool turkey crafts that can be used as table crafts, for decoration, or just for fun.

Turkey Trot

Create a fun Turkey Trot with a styrofoam ball and feathers.

Turkey Trot by Crafty Journal

Turkey Trot

Peek a Boo Turkey

A Peek a Boo Turkey is a fun way to play peek a boo with a little one.

Peek a Boo Turkey by Crafty Journal

Peek a Boo Turkey

Turkey Finger Puppet

Make a fun Turkey Finger Puppet with craft foam and fall leaves.

Crafty Journal - Turkey Finger Puppet

Turkey Finger Puppet

Fall Leaf Turkey Magnet

Create an easy Fall Leaf Turkey Magnet with real or silk leaves.

Fall Leaf Turkey Magnet by Crafty Journal

Fall Leaf Turkey Magnet

Countdown to Thanksgiving

This is a fun turkey for preschoolers to make and use while waiting for Thanksgiving to arrive.

Preschool Turkey Game

This turkey game will keep preschoolers busy making it (with a little adult help). Just print out the turkeys, cut them out, and glue on clothespins or craft sticks.

On Thanksgiving, the youngsters can have fun playing it.

Tom Turkey Gobbler

With apples, cereal, and marshmallows kids can have fun creating edible Tom Turkey gobblers.

Turkey Favor Bag

An easy Turkey favor treat bag for kids to put together with some netting, pipe cleaners and whatever treat you want to fill the bag with.

Paper Plate Turkey Wreath

For a paper plate turkey wreath, cut the middle out of a paper plate and let kids glue on a head and multi colored feathers around the edge.

Thankful Turkey

Kids need 2 paper bowls and a paper tube for this thankful turkey. Write what they are thankful for on multi colored feathers for kids to glue to the plate.

Turkey Magnet

A cute turkey that can be made with either paper or craft foam.

Fall Leaf Turkey

To make a fall leaf turkey, cut a circle from brown yardstick or construction paper. Glue fall leaves to the back for feathers and add beads for eyes. Use yarn or twine for the legs.

Turkey Place Card Holder

An easy to make from foam turkey.

Playdough Feathered Turkey

Use Playdoh or make your own play dough. Add a few brightly colored feathers, googly eyes and pipe cleaner feet to make this quick feathered turkey.

Handprint Turkey

This handprint Turkey idea has been around for a long time. Paint each finger a different color, and paint the palm and thumb brown. Press hand on a piece of construction paper and add a few details to your turkey. Even the youngest child can make this with a little help.

Kid’s Wooden Spoon Turkey

A wooden spoon, craft sticks, paint and glue are what you need for this fun wooden spoon turkey.

Plastic Spoon Turkey

Use a plastic spoon and craft foam scraps to make the quick turkey. Hide a lollipop behind him for a surprise.

Turkey Favor Box

Recycle a gelatin box and paint Woodsies or cut colored craft foam to make this quick favor.

Rice Krispie Treat Turkey

Everyone loves Rice Krispie Treats, and this turkey will be a perfect finish to Thanksgiving dinner! Assorted candies and Fruit Loops will make some very colorful creations.

Paper Bag Turkey

Even very young kids can make a paper bag turkey if you cut out the feathers for them.

Foam Hearts Turkey

With a little help, preschoolers can put together this very nice pre-cut foam hearts turkey. Look for foam hearts around Valentine’s Day.

Balloon Turkey

This fun turkey requires only a balloon and construction paper to create.

Preschool turkey crafts would be fun to make during a class party.

Clothespin Turkey

Glue feathers to painted clothespins and clip the clothespins to a cardboard turkey to create a clothespin turkey.

Lollipop Turkey

To make a lollipop turkey, cut teardrop shapes from colored construction paper and glue to the back of a flat lollipop.

Paper Tube Turkey

Fan fold colorful paper to make a tail to put in the paper tube turkey.

Bottle Cap Turkey Necklace

Paint a bottle cap and add craft foam feathers and wiggly eyes to make a bottle cap turkey necklace.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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