Preschool Snowman Crafts


Preschool kids are old enough to really enjoy making preschool snowman crafts. Left alone to create, they can come up with some amazing and amusing results.

Paper Plate Pop Up Snowman Tutorial

paper plate pop up snowman

Paper Plate Pop Up Snowman

Most of these projects can be done by the child, with just a little supervision of an adult. Be sure to have all the materials ready before the child starts, and encourage creativity.

See Snowman Christmas Crafts for other snowman ideas that could be used for preschool snowman crafts.

Melted Snowman Ornament

Make a pool of white glue and add buttons, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes for this melted snowman ornament.

Packing Peanut Snowman

This clever textured packing peanut snowman is made by gluing packing peanuts to a precut snowman shape. Fun and cute.

Plastic Spoon Snowman

A plastic spoon snowman is an easy craft for a preschooler. Use craft foam or felt to make the hat and nose, and a black marker for eyes and mouth.

Frosty Pal

This frosty pal is made with white craft foam, using orange and black foam for the face.

Paper Plate Snowman

Preschoolers will enjoy creating this paper plate snowman. They can draw on their own face and buttons with a marker.

Paper Plate Snowman

Here’s another cute paper plate snowman. This one has pompom earmuffs and pipe cleaner arms.

Paper Plate Snowman

This cute paper plate snowman wears a hat, scarf and mittens.

Snowman Cups

White plastic foam cups, buttons, pompoms, and pipe cleaners are used to make snowman cups.

Snowman Mobile

Printable snowman to print, color and cut out to make a snowman mobile.

Plastic Bag Snowman

Youngsters will have fun stuffing a plastic bag to make this plastic bag snowman. He is finished with construction paper.

Recycled Grocery Bag Snowman

Use lots of white plastic bags to stuff another white bag to make this recycled grocery bag snowman, and finish off with a colored grocery bag tied around his neck for a scarf.

Snowman Puppets

There are printables to cut out and color to make these snowman puppets attached to craft sticks.

Pompom Snowman

Preschoolers can glue together 2 or 3 pompoms of various sizes to make this easy pompom snowman that can be used as a pin, magnet, or package tie-on.

Styrofoam Snowman

Glue together 2 styrofoam balls and add pipe cleaners, felt, and fabric to make a styrofoam snowman.

Craft Stick Snowman

Paint 6 craft sticks and lay them side by side, with another one glued across the top for the hat brim. Kids can draw the craft stick snowman’s face with a marker.

Five Fingers Snowman Ornament

Press child’s hand into white paint on a plate, set an ornament in his/her palm and gently close fingers around the ornament. When dry, use a sharpie to add features to the 5 fingers snowman ornament.

3D Christmas Snowman

Print out snowman pattern, decorate and slide together to make a 3D Christmas snowman.


Cut out paper shapes are glued to a sheet of card stock to make snowmen.

TP Roll Snowman

Craft a TP roll snowman using pipe cleaners, 2 round clothespins for arms, and a cork for a hat.

Snowman Ideas for Preschool

Lots of preschool snowman crafts, poems and other snowman fun.


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