Pillow Box Template

By Noreen Doll.

A greeting card pillow box template is quick and easy to make using a greeting card. And after you make one, you can use it to easily make dozens more gift boxes from the same size card.

Here are some boxes made with different sizes of cards and pillow box templates.

After you put your gift inside the pillow box and close the ends, you can tie a ribbon around it or use stickers to hold the edge of the flap down.

These small gift boxes can be used to hold a gift card, money, jewelry or other small items.

What You Need

A greeting card, note card, or Christmas card

Something to score with

A round lid or other round item


Double Sided Tape

What You Do

1. If you plan to make a lot of pillow boxes from the same size card – or even from any card stock, create a pillow box template with cardboard from a cracker or cereal box.

Cut the cracker box cardboard to the exact size of the greeting card you will use.

If you will only be making 2 or 3 pillow boxes you won’t need a pillow box template, as the boxes are quick to make.

2. Score and fold the center fold of the cardboard template.

3. To make the flap, draw 5/8 inch down the edge opposite the fold on the card back. Score.

4. Cut the same 5/8 inch off the front edge opposite the flap.

5. Open the card and use the round lid to draw the half circles on the ends of the card as shown.

Draw the half circle from the card fold to the tab fold on the card back, and from the card fold to the edge on the card front.

6. Score the inner half circle on each end of the card. I use a stylus for this, but a ballpoint pen that no longer has ink (be sure!) works well, too.

If you’ve made a cardboard template, you can just lay it over the card to score the inner half circles.

7. Cut along the outer half circle on each end.

8. Fold along both end score lines and the score line along the tab edge.

9. Run double sided tape along the small folded flap, then press the front half over it. Burnish the edge to help the tape adhere.

10. Fold the ends down and your pillow box is finished.

You can see in this photo that I didn’t get the tape quite up to the end, so it gaps a little.


Because there is a lot of pressure on the taped edge, I run 2 rows of double sided tape on the tab.

Be sure to get the tape all the way to the top and bottom edges of the tab.

After I press the taped tab to the card front, I run the side of the scoring tool firmly up and down the tab area a few times.

*A stylus is a tool with a wood handle in the center and metal protruding from both ends. The ends of the metal have little rounded ball shapes, in 2 different sizes.

 Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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    I LOVE YOU W.O.M.A.N.!! Have been looking for something like this for ever. I love this idea of using cards for gift boxes. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

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