Lasting Valentine Bouquet

By Noreen Doll.

Here’s a fun Valentine bouquet your kids can create. It would make a great gift for Grandma, or a friend or neighbor.


I used a 7 ounce size diced chili can for this project, but you could use any size you like.

I was going to paint the can silver, but decided that since it was already a nice shiny silver, I would just use it like it was. You could paint the can any color you like, though.

I used packaged conversation heart stickers, but you could use plain foam heart stickers and write your own fun messages.


Conversation Heart Stickers

Tin Can




Styrofoam Chunk

Instructions for a Lasting Valentine Bouquet.

1. Prepare the can. Remove the label and wash the can. I used Goo Gone to remove the glue that was left from the label and washed the can thoroughly again.


2. Cut the styrofoam chunk to fit the can and put it in the bottom of the can. Make sure it fills the can 1/2 to 2/3 full.


Because I didn’t have a styrofoam chunk, I cut several circles from the bottom of a veggie tray to put in the can. A styrofoam piece would be sturdier, but you could glue the skewers into the circles.

3. Tie a ribbon around the can.


Prepare the Valentine bouquet hearts.

3. Cut skewers into different lengths.  I cut one in half and 2 others into one longer and one shorter piece each.


4. Remove the paper from one of the heart stickers and lay it sticky side up.

5. Lay the pointed end of a bamboo piece in the middle of a heart. Or if the skewer piece has 2 flat ends, lay one flat end on the heart.


6. Remove the paper from another heart and lay it sticky side down over the skewer and the other heart, matching the edges of the hearts.



7. Tie a small bow around each skewer below the heart. Coordinate  the bow colors with the heart colors.


8. Using the pointed end of a skewer, poke holes in the styrofoam where you want to set the hearts.

Put the taller hearts in the back and the shorter hearts in front.


9. Place pompoms around the base of the skewers in the can.


Use the Valentine bouquet as a centerpiece on your table or mantel, or give it to Grandma.



If you can’t find conversation heart stickers, you could get plain heart stickers and let the kids have fun writing their own messages. Do write the messages before you use the stickers.

Instead of a tin can, you could paint a flower pot or recycled plastic jar.

This is a great way to use up shorter pieces of ribbon.

Instead of pompoms, you could use Spanish Moss, Easter grass, shredded paper, packing peanuts or other filler.

Do keep an eye on younger children if you do this project with them, as the skewers are very sharp. You could cut off the pointed ends before using.

© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal



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  1. That is right up my 7 year olds alley. She loves to do her own thing especially if it involves hearts. Noreen, thanks for linking up to “Inspiration in Progress” last week with your sweetheart angel…everyone loved it and it was featured this week as it was one of the top clicked projects. : ) I hope you will stop by grab a featured button and link up again with us.

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    I have something similar that a friend made for me a few years ago. Mine also has mini candy bars tucked in here and there. It was too cute to eat so I’ve just used it as a display piece. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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