Kids Play Kitchen

Kids will love receiving this creative kids play kitchen.

Buy a couple of baking and dishes sets, and some kids play utensils at the dollar store to use with the kitchen. I’ve also seen some nice ones at the $1 spot in Target.

Many of the felt foods could be made with craft foam if you don’t sew, or need to make them quickly.

Most kids will play for endless hours in their kids play kitchen, and will have fun making their own creative foods, too.

Kids Kitchen for Under $10

Make a kids kitchen for under $10 for your young cook using cardboard boxes and self adhesive paper (Contact Paper).

Kids Kitchen Buffet

Childs Kitchen

An entertainment center was used to create this wonderful child’s kitchen. Check out all her creative details.

Another one.

cardboard Box Oven

Use a cardboard box to make this play cardboard box oven.

Play Restaurant

Restaurant in a Box Play Kit

Kids will love playing with this fun restaurant in a box set that can all be packed away inside the grill/box when they’re done playing. You need a plastic box, felt and fabric to make this clever set.

Play Restaurant

Use play money, a play menu, and take orders to play restaurant. With a small tray, orders can be served up.

Ice Cream Shop

Make a kids ice cream shop from a cardboard box.

Chef’s Clothes

Adjustable Chef’s Hat for Kids

What fun for a kid to wear an adjustable chef’s hat for kids when working in the “kitchen”.

Dish Towel Apron

Use a dish towel to make an apron for the play kitchen, or to wear when helping Mom or Dad cook.

Elasticized Apron for Kids

Stitch this fun apron for kids to wear in their play kitchen.

Kids Oven Mitts

Make these fun oven mitts to use in the play kitchen. Note: these are not thick enough to use in a real kitchen.

Homemade Play Food

Felt Turkey

Craft a fun felt turkey (or chicken) for dinner. The drumsticks are attached with velcro and are removable.

Felt Foods

Make drumsticks, broccoli, pot pie, grapes and other fun felt foods.

Felt Play Food

A ham sandwich, bacon and eggs and fruits are some of the play food shown here.

Felt Play Food

Felt play food patterns and instructions to make a balogna sandwich and a bag of potato chips.

Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables

Patterns and instructions for making play flowers, fruits and vegetables from felt.

Felt Eggs and Orange Slices

Make felt eggs and orange slices for a hearty breakfast!

Felt Animal Cookies

You could make these felt animal cookies with craft foam, if you don’t want to sew them – or need to make them quickly.

Felt Veggies

Stitch these felt veggies and stuff them for a Farmers Market set.

Felt Lettuce

Stitch or draw the veins to make felt lettuce.

Hot Dog and Milk Carton

Look all through this site for lots of felt play food ideas, including this hot dog and milk carton to use in the kids play kitchen.

Felt Pasta

Cut this felt pasta with pinking shears, make a few quick stitches in the middle and you will soon have a bowl full of pasta. These could also be used for Restaurant food.

Ravioli Pasta

Make these ravioli shaped pasta from felt or fabric.

Felt Picnic Food

Use the felt picnic food in the play kitchen, or make a picnic basket to use with it.

Other Ideas

Play Food Boxes

Remake play food boxes to last by gluing stacks of cardboard rectangles cut to fit inside the box.

I hope you enjoyed all these creative ideas for a kids play kitchen.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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