Homemade Gifts for Kids

Gift Ideas for Little Boys.

These homemade gifts for kids are a treasure trove of gift ideas for little boys.

Think of the things little boys love most: anything with wheels, super heroes, swords and guns, arts and crafts, and sticks… and you have the beginnings of some great gift ideas.

These gifts also need to be very sturdy so they can withstand much use.

Car Cozy

This car cozy tutorial is a great idea for a little boy who hates to leave his cars behind. Stitch it from fabric imprinted with vehicles and add one or two small cars for him to find.

Take Along Race Track

A take along race track and car holder is perfect when you are going to visit where there are no toys. It would be great for a trip, as well.

Car Mat Quilt

A car mat quilt is perfect for a little boy who loves anything with wheels!

Car Color Matching Parking Lot

Make a fun car color matching parking lot to help kids learn their colors and park their cars.

Construction Site Play Mat

Stitch a fun construction site play mat for your budding builder.

Matchbox Cars Track

Construct a Matchbox cars track using wood scraps.

Felt Road Patrol Kit

Use felt pieces to make a felt road patrol kit that can be built differently each time it’s played with.

Car Race Game

Create this fun car race game for little boys who are in love with cars.

Crayon Cars

What a fun idea for little boys who love cars! Melt old crayons in car shaped molds to make new crayon cars.

3 Gifts For Boys

There are 3 gifts for boys ideas here: a light-up car necklace, a bouncy ball necklace, and a rubber band launcher. There are tutorials also.

Tool Belt

This fun tool belt could also be made in a plain color canvas for older boys, with a few real tools.You can get starter tools inexpensively at the dollar store.

Bank Robber Money Bag

A bank robber money bag is a great prop for kids who play “cops and robbers”.

PVC Swords/Light Sabers

Make your own soft PVC Swords/Light Sabers with this easy tutorial. Every little boy who gets one will love you!

Duct Tape Sword

Kids will love battling with this soft duct tape sword made with a foam sleeping pad and duct tape.

Foam Sword

Make a foam sword with PVC pipe and a pool noodle. Slide the pvc pipe into the pool noodle for stability and make a craft foam handle.

Marshmallow Gun

A marshmallow gun is so much fun! You blow into it and it shoots miniature marshmallows.

Kids of all ages, and grown-ups, too, have fun with this toy!

Homemade Lego Book

Print out instructions for various Lego projects and make a Lego project book.

Cool Cuffs for Boys

Stitch these cool cuffs for boys to delight a little boy.

Toy Soldier Pack

Sew a toy soldier pack to hold a toy soldier collection, and fill it with toy soldiers.

DIY Army Tanks

Create fun – and cheap – DIY army tanks with blocks of wood, dowels, and green paint.


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