Folded Paper Pocket for a Book

By Noreen Doll.

It’s handy to know how to make a folded pocket for a book, because pockets are really handy for containing loose papers, and books usually come without pockets.

Crafty Journal - Folded Paper Pocket for a Book

I like to put at least one (usually more than one) in most books I make.

And they are easy to add to a 3 ring binder, too.

Here’s how to make a folded paper pocket for a book.


1 Sheet of paper or card stock for each pocket page. You will see both sides of the paper, so you will want both sides to be colored – unless you want part of the pocket page to be white.

Ruler or Scoreboard

Scoring Tool

Bone Folder


1. Decide on how large your finished page will be. Decide how deep the pocket needs to be.

I used this pocket page as a divider for a book with pages that are 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches.

Because I wanted the pockets to be 4 inches deep, my dividers are a little shorter than the pages – which I didn’t mind.  I kind of like the  look of the shorter divider.

So my finished pocket dividers  are actually 5 1/2 inches by 8 inches – a half inch shorter than the pages.

I centered them in my book so that the dividers are 1/4 inch shorter at the top and bottom than the pages are.

Crafty Journal - Folded Paper Pocket for a Book

You can see the white strip above and below the pocket page that show how it’s shorter than the page behind it.

2. I used 12×12 double sided scrapbooking paper, that is colored on both sides.

3. To make a 4 inch pocket, score and fold all the way across at 4 inches.

Crafty Journal - Folded Paper Pocket for a Book

4. Turn the paper 90 degrees so the top and bottom of the paper are now the sides.

Score and fold at 6 inches – or down the center, so the paper will fold equally in half.

Crafty Journal - Folded Paper Pocket for a Boo

5. Fold the bottom up and fold the paper in half so the edge folded up makes a pocket on each side of the folded page.

I cut 1/2 inch off the open side edge of the divider so it would be the same width as the pages.

6. The open edge of the pocket page, opposite the long folded edge of the page will be the bound edge. Or the edge that will be punched for a 3 ring binder.

Crafty Journal - Folded Paper Pocket for a Book

7. If you won’t be using a spiral binding, or binding it in a book, you will need to tape the open pocket edge.

Crafty Journal - Folded Paper Pocket for a Book


You can make a paper pocket page any size by varying the size of the paper you use. You can make a small page with a small pocket.

If you aren’t sure how it will look, try making a pocket page with a scrap sheet of paper first.

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  1. What a neat and useful thing to do!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!

  2. Great Idea :)

  3. Love the look of using double-sided paper. So pretty. I”m visiting from the Our Sunday Best link party.


  4. Great idea!

  5. I love pockets in a notebook. Thanks for showing me how.

  6. Amy Perdew says:

    Scrapbooking paper is so wonderful. This turned out beautifully and is so creative. Thanks for linking up with “Inspiration in Progress.”

  7. What a pretty pocket for a book. I can see using this in a smash album. Thanks for sharing at TTF


  8. G’day! What a useful thing to carry, true!
    I used to love scrapbooking when I was little and like your designs too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  9. This looks easy as pie- thanks for sharing!

  10. I love notebooks, journals…anything paper. What a clever idea.

    Thanks for sharing at Project Inspire{d}. Pinning!

    Mary Beth

  11. What a lovely idea. Adding a pocket just elevates the entire journal, doesn’t it. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

  12. Clever idea and GREAT result
    I love it!!

  13. Aren’t you smart. So easy we are all wondering why we haven’t been doing this already. 😀 Thanks for sharing.

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    Make it a great day.

  19. Thanks, Noreen. Pinned and featured! Have a great week. Linda

  20. Lol, I didn’t realize that a book with a pocket would look so cool. Great idea, thank you for sharing.

  21. Love this idea. Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two!
    Make it a great day.

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