Dollar Bill Graduation Cap

By Noreen Doll.

For a fun grad gift, make this creative Dollar Bill Graduation Cap.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

You can use bills of any denomination, and it’s sure to please the new graduate!

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

If you’re having a graduation party, these would make great favors.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

And don’t forget to make the tassels in the school colors!

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal


2 Crisp New Dollar Bills, or bills of any denomination

1 Milk Jug Cap

Small Button

Embroidery Floss for Tassel, or pre-made tassel if you find a small one

Double Sided Tape

Hot Glue

How to Make a Dollar Bill Graduation Cap.

1. Fold the first dollar bill into thirds length wise.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

Crease the folds.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

2. Roll the folded bill into a circle and put one end of the bill inside the fold of the other end.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

Slide the end in until the circle will fit snuggly around the milk jug cap.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

Insert the cap through the bottom of the ring, and push it  up until the top of it is even with the top side of the circle made by the dollar bill.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

3. Using the second dollar bill, fold both ends under until the bill is about 2 1/2 inches wide, which will make it a square.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

Try to center Washington (or the face on the bill).

Crease the edges sharply, and put a small bit of double sided tape under the end which is on top to hold it flat.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

4. Put a little of the double sided tape on the top of the bottle cap.

Center the dollar bill square over the bottle cap and press it onto the tape.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

5. Make a tassel in the school colors with embroidery floss.

Thread a piece of floss through the ring at the top of the tassel and tie it into a loop.

6. Use double sided tape or a dot of hot glue to attach the end of the loop to the center of the graduation cap, and then attach a button over it.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal


I didn’t need anything to hold the circle in place around the milk jug cap because the ends overlapped quite a bit.

You should be able to carefully remove the tape / hot glue from the dollar bills with a bit of gentle rubbing.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. What a great idea! You know if you made it out of just $1 dollar bills the JUG could hold quarters (for their laundry mat at school, vending machines, etc.) to be on par with a little nice giftie. Not sure how many would fit so I’d have to check first – maybe $10 dollar bills plus the quarters……

    LOVE this idea and may use it, as my nephew graduates high school very soon.

  2. I love the idea of filling the jug with quarters for laundry and other quarter necessities! It might have to be a quart jug, though, as a gallon jug full of quarters would be VERY heavy!

  3. Ha! What a clever idea – and I bet they’d like a FIFTY even better! :-) Very cute. Love it.

  4. I love these! What grad wouldn’t want one of these? The bigger the number the better! I am pinning!

  5. This is one of the best graduation ideas I have seen!

  6. These are so neat! I saw your link over on The Mommy Club linky party and had to stop by to tell you how much I like them. pinning.

  7. Saw these over at Mom’s Library, such a cute idea! Sharing and pinning. :-)

  8. This is adorable and a wonderful idea for graduation celebrations!

  9. I love these graduation caps! They are so creative and absolutely perfect for any graduate.

  10. Such a cute idea! I’m going to pin this and to make for my daughter’s graduation from 8th grade! Thanks so much!


  11. This is so cute, Noreen!! I think you stay up nights thinking of all this cute, cool stuff!! Love it. Featuring also at next week’s party. Best of the Springtime weather to you. Linda

  12. Great cute gift idea!

  13. What a fun idea, graduates would love this! Pinned and scheduling to share on my blog’s FB page :)

  14. Fabulous idea! Pinned so I’ll remember it next year. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty :)

  15. What a great, quick idea!

  16. Hi Noreene! This is such a cute idea for a unique graduation gift! :-)

  17. Hi There, I’m a cohost for Wake Up Wednesday. This is super neat idea. My mom is a teacher and I will share this with her. I will also keep it in mind for all the graduates I get an invite from.

  18. Simple and very effective! #creativemondays

  19. This is so cute! Thanks for posting. Hello from Motivation Monday.

  20. I love this so much I’m featuring you tomorrow! Thanks for Sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! Love your stuff!! Pinned

  21. So cute, Noreen! I’ll be using this this week. Thanks for linking up at the party. I’m featuring you!

    Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  22. This is too cute, thanks for sharing this on Fabulous Friday

  23. Brilliant and just adorable! Craft schooling Sunday will be back, after a month long break, this sunday, hope to see you there!

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