Clothespin Angel

By Noreen Doll.

A clothespin angel can be made from the simplest of materials.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

Use scraps of ribbon, plus a few craft supplies you probably already have.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

Perch an angel atop a vase or centerpiece. Use her as a package decoration, or she can be a Christmas clothespin ornament and sit on a tree branch.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

We have a musical group of angels lovingly made, who all stand near each other on Christmas tree branches, to produce their heavenly music.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

But you can really use this angel year round.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal


Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal


Pipe Cleaners or Chenille Stems

1 Cotton Ball

Bits of Lace or Ribbon

1 Cupcake Paper

Scrap of Construction Paper or Card Stock



How to Make a Clothespin Angel.

1. Sand or file any splinters on the clothespin.

2. Draw the face.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

I actually did this in a later step, but if you draw it first it’s easier to access the head.

Plus, if you mess it up, you can turn the clothespin around and draw a face on the other side as the first face would be covered by the hair.

3, Glue the lace and / or ribbon skirt on the angel, with the overlap in back.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

4. Use 1 half of a pipe cleaner to make the arms.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the neck, crossing in the back, and bring the ends around to the front.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

Bend the pipe cleaners where the elbows would be.

5. Pull a small piece of cotton off the cotton ball for the hair.

Put a little glue on top of, and around the back of the head.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

Attach the cotton hair.

6. Bend a 3 inch piece of gold, silver, or yellow pipe cleaner into a halo shape.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

Leave one end sticking down from the halo to glue to the back of the head.

7. Fold a cupcake paper in half,

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

and then cut that in half to make angel wings.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

Glue the points of the wings to the back of the clothespin.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

8. Glue the halo to the back of the angel’s head.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal

9. Cut a small piece of construction paper or card stock 1 inch by 2 inches.

Fold it in half.

Write on the front, or make musical notes.

9. Glue the book to the angel’s hands.

Clothespin Angel by Crafty Journal


In addition to a music book, you can make musical instruments, such as a harp, clarinet, and more. Then you will have a “band” of angels.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    So darned cute, love them all. So ingenious how you figured out how to make these little angels. Great ideas. I have clothespins but none like that. Do have most of rest of supply list. Will try to get some of those kind of clothespins. Would like to make couple angels to give grand kids. Happy weekend and season

  2. these angels are too cute and look like so much fun! That will have to change! Thanks for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen party.

  3. Aww! These are so sweet! I’d love for you to link up on Saturday to the “Found & Foraged” link party I’m starting with a couple friends. It’s at 8 pm. Hope to see you there!

  4. This is a great idea to do with kids, Noreen. I have a packet of wooden pegs and this would be perfect. The pegs have been sitting there for over a year now. Time to get them out.

  5. Hi,

    Stopping by from BFF Open House Linky Party. This is adorable! I absolutely love homemade Christmas ornaments, and I think I made an angel ornament like this when I was a kid.
    I will definitely be making one, thanks for the idea :)

  6. Hello cute lady! What a fun project. Pinned. We really appreciate you taking the time to stop by our party. It wouldn’t be a party without you. Please join us on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  7. These are SUCH beautiful angels! Loved your post! Visiting from Creative Mondays!

  8. These are adorable and just perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

    Great to have you partying with us at Wake Up Wednesdays.


  9. What a great fun way to create your own decorations. I’m sure this will give you great memories to carry forward for years to come. Popping in from Creative Mondays.

  10. These are so cute! I know my daughter would love to make these. I’m visiting from the Mad In Crafts link party. Check mine out. I made the Monogrammed Gift Tags. :)

  11. I love making clothespin people and these are so cute. I know my granddaughter would love them. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  12. Thanks for linking this one up too! Such a sweetie she is!!

  13. I still just LOVE this! Thank you for linking up at Found & Foraged! We hope to see you again Saturday night at 8PM! Kyla

  14. Oh, I love these and made them with my daughter about 24 years ago.
    We still have them! Thanks for the memory! Pam

  15. Love these dolls ! So pretty..thanks for sharing

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