Bath Pouf Bunny

by Noreen Doll.

A bath pouf bunny makes a great Easter craft. It’s easy to create and cute when it’s finished.


I used 2 smallish white bath poufs I found at the Dollar Store, but you could use one large one instead.

What You Need

1 or 2 White Bath Poufs

Craft Foam or Felt – scraps of white and pink

2 Wiggly Eyes

Pink Pompom

Hot Glue – If you’re doing this with kids, an adult needs to handle the hot glue.

What You Do

1. If you are using 2 poufs, they will need to be attached together. I decided to sew mine.

I ran a long piece of thread up from the bottom of one, and through the centers of both poufs and back down to the bottom again. I repeated it twice to be sure it holds well and then tied it off.

2. Draw a pattern for the bath pouf bunny feet and ears.

The ears will need 2 larger white pieces for the outside, and 2 smaller pink pieces for the inside of the ears.

3. Trace the feet and larger ear patterns onto white craft foam or felt and cut them out. You will need 2 of each.

Trace the inner ear piece onto pink craft foam or felt and cut two out.

4. Glue the pink inner piece onto the white outer piece of each bunny ear. Let dry.

5. After the ears are dry, turn them over and glue a toothpick to the back of each, with about half the toothpick hanging over the bottom edge of the ear.

6. Use a bit of alcohol ink to darken the edges of the bunny feet. Draw a pink line between the toes.

7. Find a flat side for the bath pouf bunny face. Cut out a nose from pink craft foam or felt in the shape shown.

8. Using a bit of hot glue, attach the nose slightly above center in the middle of the face.  Then attach the eyes above the nose, keeping them fairly close together.

9. Check to be sure of ear placement, and then put a small glob of glue where the ear goes, and push the toothpick through it.

10. After the ink is dry, glue bunny body to the feet. Put the heels together with the toes apart – like the shape of a V.

11. Glue a pink pompom tail on the back.

12. Attach a bow to the bath pouf bunny’s neck or between the ears.

Place the bath pouf bunny next to a small basket full of jelly beans.


The pink inside the ear could be shaded with pink ink, rather than the pink craft foam.

If you want to hang the bunny, be sure the loop on the bath pouf is at the top.

Instead of craft foam, felt could be used – and features could be tacked in place.

To make felt ears and feet stiff, stiff felt could be used, or two layers of felt could be glued together with white glue. The felt is very stiff when the glue is dry.

This bunny isn’t intended to be handled a lot by a child as the parts may come loose. To make one for a child’s Easter basket, you might want to use felt and tack it to the poufs.

 Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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