Warm Covers

Wonderful ideas for warm blankets, snuggles, coats, cloaks, and robes!

With all the heavy snow and ice we’ve had the last few winters, these warm covers will be very useful.

Since most of them are made with fleece fabric, they are easy to cut and sew, and the edges do not need to be finished because they don’t fray.

If you wish to make these gifts more interesting, you can add appliques or a colorful blanket stitch around the edges.

And to make them really warm, you can use 2 layers of fleece. Keep a quillow in your car for emergencies.

Lots more ideas for gifts to keep warm here.

Warm Covers to Wear

Fleece Cloak

Using Simplicity pattern number 9887, I have made several fleece cloaks. Buy the fleece when it is on sale – or after Christmas when the prices are really reduced.

All the sewing required are the two side seams, and attaching the hood. Using fleece, there are no edges to be finished and no hem needed. And they are nice and warm!

Easy Cloak

To make an easy cloak cut a rectangle from fleece, sew a casing across the neck edge and feed a cord through the casing. To keep the cord from slipping out, tie knots in the ends or sew across the cord in the center back.

Fur and Suede Winter Cloak

Stitch a fur and suede winter cloak to wear for fun and warmth.

Fitted Cloak

An easy pattern for a fitted cloak, this requires sewing a few straight seams.

Fleece Cape

Easy no-sew fleece cape to make for all the ladies and young ladies on your gift list.

Warm Covers – Cozy Robes

Tee Shirt Pattern into a Robe

Use a tee shirt pattern to make a robe by following an easy tutorial. Cut from fleece fabric for extra warmth.

Instant Cozy Kimono Robe from Blanket

Use a fleece blanket to make this instant cozy kimono robe from a blanket.

Warm Covers – Ponchos

Fleece Poncho

Make this fleece poncho in several sizes to fit all the young ladies you will be gifting.

No Sew Fleece Poncho

This no sew fleece poncho is very quick to make. Just cut an opening in the middle of a square. It takes a little longer if you decide to cut fringe around it.

Reversible Poncho

Here’s a great idea – 2 ponchos in one. Stitch 2 pieces of flannel or fleece fabric together to make a reversible poncho.This poncho should be twice as warm!

Warm Covers – Snugglies and Blankets


The snuglet is all the rage this year, and quite simply, it is a blanket with holes cut in it for your arms, and then sleeves added. There are only 2 seams, for the armholes, and no edges to finish.

Homemade Snug-EEE

Use 2 fleece throws to sew a homemade Snug-EEE. Find the throws on sale and save a lot.

Methods for Finishing a Fleece Blanket

Scroll down to find many different ways of finishing a fleece blanket.

Make a Warm Fleece Blanket

Use 2 layers of fleece with a layer of batting between them to make a nice warm fleece blanket.

Fleece Tie Blanket

For a fleece tie blanket, you basically use two layers of fleece and tie the edges together with the fringe on them. Double layered fleece should be nice and warm!

New Way to Tie Fleece Blankets

Here’s another way to tie a fleece blanket around the edges so it doesn’t need to be sewed.

Fleece Quillow

Create a fleece quillow by sewing a pocket onto a fleece blanket, to fold the blanket into. A nice way to store the blanket, or it can be used as a pillow.

Quillow Pack

Stitch a quillow pack using fleece fabric for an easy way to carry your warm fleece blanket with you, or to use as a pillow.

Fleece Applique Throw

Applique fleece shapes using scraps of fleece to make a colorful fleece applique throw. Great gift idea for an older person.

Faux Fur Blanket

Use faux fur on one side and fleece on the other to make a soft, warm, snuggly faux fur blanket.

Make warm covers for everyone on your gift list this year!


Noreen Doll

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