Valentine Heart Barrettes

By Noreen Doll.

Using Valentine heart barrettes is a fun way to dress for the holiday.


They are easy and inexpensive to create, and you can make them to match many different outfits.

Little girls love wearing pretty things in their hair and these are perfect for them.

One bag of conversation heart stickers from Target’s Dollar Spot will make lots of Valentine heart barrettes and several other Valentine crafts as well.


The barrettes came from Dollar Tree.


Heart Stickers


Thin Cardboard

Hot Glue

How to Make Valentine Heart Barrettes.

1. Choose the hearts you want to use and remove the paper backings.

2. Attach the hearts to thin cardboard


and cut them out.


3. Use hot glue to attach each heart to a barrette.

Our volunteer shows you how well the Valentine heart barrettes look!


©Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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  1. Super cute. I happen to have one of those little girls that love all things pretty and glittery. I have not had a chance to stop by Targets dollar section. I need to get by there, because I haven’t seen any at the $1 tree. Target has some pretty awesome 1 deals.

  2. Wow. Your stuff is CUTE!! Thanks for sharing all this neat stuff with us. On my blog you left a note that a link wasn’t working right. I got really scared at first because I changed URLs … I have a new name now. Crafts a la Mode. Not sure I like it but I was thinking something went wrong with the transfer. Nope. It was me. I fixed the link for the Pillow Heart Wreath to the correct tutorial. Thanks for alerting me to the problem. You’re the best. Linda

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