Used Christmas Card Ideas

Try these used Christmas card ideas for some unusual projects for kids and adults.

Christmas Card Boxes by Crafty Journal

You can make Christmas decorations, Christmas stationery and cards, new cards from old ones, tags, and many more fun things with your old holiday cards.

Kids can help with used Christmas card ideas, too. They can do the cutting or gluing, and help putting them together.

Greeting Card Heart and Ribbon Tree

Make a greeting card heart with strips cut from used Christmas cards. Make the ribbon tree by turning the heart upside down!

Christmas Card Tree

Using 80 to 100 card fronts and the included patterns, cut, fold, and stack shapes to make a colorful and attractive Christmas card tree.


Make stars from old Christmas cards using a template. Cut and fold according to the directions.

Christmas Card Star

Craft this somewhat intricate Christmas card star using a cereal box and recycled Christmas cards.

Star Garland

To make a star garland, cut Christmas cards in the shapes of stars, and hot glue glitter pipe cleaners around the edges. String from a garland or hang on a tree

Friends and Family Christmas Tree Garland

Cut fun parts from Christmas cards and attach them to each other with wire and bead connectors you make yourself to create a friends and family Christmas tree garland.

Circle Garlands from Greeting Cards

String circle shapes cut from Christmas cards on ribbon or cord to make circle garlands from greeting cards.

Recycled Christmas Garland

Use a sewing machine to stitch together circles cut from cards to craft a recycled Christmas garland.

Recycled Christmas Card Banner

To create a recycled Christmas card banner, cut triangles from old cards and glue to card stock. Cut card stock triangles slightly larger and attach to colorful ribbon. Great used Christmas card ideas – banners and garland use lots of cards.

Christmas Card Hang Tags

Punch circles, or other shapes from your Christmas card fronts to make hang tags for gifts. Punch a small hole in the top of each and add a string to make Christmas Card hang tags.

Christmas Card Wreath

Craft a quick and easy Christmas card wreath by gluing overlapping cards in a circle, then add a big bow. To make it sturdier, you could glue the cards to a cardboard ring.

New Christmas Cards from Old Christmas Cards

Cut pictures or colorful areas from old cards and attach to new card stock along with ribbons, glitter, stickers, and other embellishments to create new Christmas cards from old Christmas cards.

Recycled Christmas Card Postcards

Cut the front off a Christmas card to roughly 3.5 x 5 inches to make a recycled Christmas card postcard. Turn it over and write a message on the left half and the address on the right half. This will require less postage than a card in an envelope.

More recycle old Christmas cards into new Christmas cards.

Recycled Greeting Cards

Use parts of old greeting cards on new card stock cut to notecard size. These recycled greeting cards make perfect thank you cards after Christmas.

Recycled Christmas Card

This idea for a recycled Christmas card is to cut the front off an old card and glue it to a piece of card stock slightly larger than the card front.

Christmas Card Mobile

Make a Christmas card mobile with cut shapes from Christmas cards or leave them as is, and use ribbons to attach the cards – along with small ornaments – to a mobile made with wire hangers.

CROCHETED PROJECTS For Used Christmas Card Ideas

Instead of crocheting around the edges, you could use a blanket stitch or whip stitch them. And then whip stitch them together.

Crocheted Christmas Card Baskets

These crocheted Christmas card baskets are all put together in a similar way, although some have slightly different template pieces.

Christmas Card Basket

Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl

Christmas Card Basket

Hexagon Calendar Basket

Blanket Stitched Card Basket

Crochet Santa Slipper

Card Dress

This artist made a dress by crocheting greeting cards together. There is no tutorial, but you could probably figure it out if you were intent on making one. Use a dress pattern to cut the shape.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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