Unusual Baby Gifts

It’s fun to make unusual baby gifts. Generally they are created by other Moms who appreciate how much use they will get.

You could put 2 or 3 of these gift ideas together in a basket or diaper bag to present to the new Mom.

Pluggy Pacifier Bib

Stitch a pluggy pacifier bib with an attachment to hold a pacifier. It will keep baby from losing it on the floor.

Paci Clip

Make a paci clip for baby’s pacifier, to keep it off the floor and sanitary.

Pacifier Pouch

Sew an easy pacifier pouch to hold a spare pacifier or two. It has a hook to attach it to a purse or diaper bag strap.

Baby Snuggler

A baby snuggler is a long striped,rice filled sock that you warm in the microwave and snuggle next to baby to help him/her sleep. You could buy a fun pair or two of knee socks in the dollar store and make some for future gifts.

Luxe Lovey

Babies love the satin and minkee textures of this luxe lovey. Stitch it with minkee and satin fabrics.

Baby Bundles Towel

Make a baby bundles towel to hold baby’s bath necessities handy together. Add some things that will be needed.

Cute Christmas Bibs

Sew some super cute Christmas bibs for your favorite little one.

Car Seat Toy Holder

Stitch a car seat toy holder with loops to hold toys so they don’t fall beyond baby’s reach.

Tummy Mat

Sew a tummy mat for baby to lay on, and add loops around the edge of the mat. Attach toys to the loops and they will stay within reach of baby.

Easiest Diaper Bag Ever

Make the easiest diaper bag ever with this tutorial. It has handy pockets, too.

Car Seat Cooler

Craft a fabric car seat cooler with pockets. Add ice packs to the pockets to cool the car seat down.

Umbrella Stroller Storage Bag

Umbrella strollers don’t have storage, so here is a handy gift for a Mom who needs a stroller that folds up small – the umbrella stroller storage bag. There’s also a water bottle holder pattern.

Learn to Walk Belt

You won’t need a learn to walk belt till baby is ready to walk, but look what a handy idea it is! Stitch it with a bit of fabric, and it will save Mom or Dad’s back.

Toddler Bag Handle

Another gift that won’t be used till the baby walks, you can quickly stitch a toddler bag handle with a small piece of fabric. Attach it to your purse for the toddler to hand on to.

Simple Shade Tent

Craft this fold-up simple shade tent to use for baby when you go the beach or the park. Very handy to keep the baby out of the sun.


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