Turn a Rock Collection into Pattern Weights

By Noreen Doll.

Wonder what to do with the rocks you collected on vacation?

While on a trip, we visited the beach along Lake Erie.

The shore was covered with rocks of all sizes, shapes, and colors, most of them worn smooth by the action of the waves and sand.

Rock Pattern Weights by Crafty Journal

The youngest member of our party was entranced by all these rocks, and decided he needed to take them all home with him.

We hadn’t brought anything to carry rocks in, so he scooped out an area in the sand to empty the Pringles potato chips can into, and quickly covered the chips with sand. So much for having a snack on the beach!

Then he proceeded to fill the Pringles can with rocks.

After we returned home with the rocks, they were soon forgotten in the press of daily living.

After a couple of years the rocks became dirty and moss covered.

Rock Pattern Weights by Crafty Journal

One day I needed some weights to hold down the corners of the plastic sheet I was using for spray painting and retrieved a few of the rocks for the corners.

I realized I would like to keep some of these rocks as a memento of that fun filled trip, and decided to clean them up and use them for pattern weights.

So I cut down a vinegar bottle, added a half cup of bleach, and filled it half full of water.

Rock Pattern Weights by Crafty Journal

I dropped in the rocks and let them sit for an hour or so before rinsing them off and laying them out in the sun to dry.

Rock Pattern Weights by Crafty Journal

Now I have a great set of pattern weights, and each time I use them, I think back to that fun day on the edge of Lake Erie.

Rock Pattern Weights by Crafty Journal

Kids could also paint the rocks to make colorful weights.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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