Turkey Crafts

Turkey crafts are the most popular of Thanksgiving crafts.

They can be made from almost any kind of material. Use recyclables and other supplies you have on hand to make many of these.

Paper Plate Pop Up Turkey Tutorial

paper pate pop up turkey

Paper Plate Pop Up

You can easily find any additional materials needed at Dollar Stores and discount stores. Be on the lookout just before and after holidays for some great crafting buys.

There are easy turkey craft ideas in all the categories, so be sure to check in each category for some great projects.

Let your kids help choose what they would like to make.

Turkey Trot

This cute Turkey Trot will make a fun centerpiece. Make several for a flock!

Turkey Trot by Crafty Journal

Turkey Trot

Peek a Boo Turkey

A Peek a Boo Turkey is a great way to entertain little ones on Thanksgiving. Let the older kids make them for the younger kids.

Peek a Boo Turkey by Crafty Journal

Peek a Boo Turkey

Turkey Finger Puppet

Entertain kids with a Turkey Finger Puppet.

Crafty Journal - Turkey Finger Puppet

Turkey Finger Puppet

Turkey Centerpiece

Use craft foam and fall leaves to make this nice turkey centerpiece.

Turkey Centerpiece

Made with foam board and colored feathers, you could use fall leaves instead of the feathers for this turkey centerpiece.

Fall Leaf Turkey Magnet

With a colorful leaf, some cardboard or craft foam, and a bit of twine, you can make a Fall Leaf Turkey Magnet.

Crafty Journal - Fall Leaf Turkey Magnet

Fall Leaf Turkey Magnet

Quick Turkey Finger Puppet to Sew

This felt finger puppet will be easy to cut out and quick to sew. Rather than gluing the feathers, I would tuck them between the turkey bodies and stitch them on while stitching around the edge.

Flower Turkeys

Silk flowers make colorful tails for these flower turkeys.

Papercraft Turkey

For a cute papercraft turkey, punch out the pieces or cut them with decorative scissors, make a few folds and glue them together.

Easy Turkey Spoon Craft

This easy Turkey Spoon Craft could be used in the middle of a fall bouquet. All it requires is a spoon, some paint and a few foam leaves you make or fall leaves you can buy.

Felt Turkey Place Card Holder

A little sewing will be required to make this colorful felt turkey place card holder.

Pumpkin Turkey

Use bright colors to paint wooden spoons for this pumpkin turkey tail.

Paper Bag Turkey

This is a little more difficult, but very cute paper bag turkey.

Gobble-Good Turkey

This easy turkey is made with materials you already have: brown paper bag, construction paper, brown paint, brown chenille stick and other items.

Lightbulb Turkey

Put a straw hat on this cute lightbulb turkey with colored feathers for his tail.

Turkey Wobbler

Cute wobbly turkey made with felt, glass marbles and a styrofoam ball.

Turkey Plant Poke

Crimp a card stock turkey to make a fun turkey plant poke.

Turkey Sugar Cookies

Two different ideas for turkey cookies, using candy corn for the tail feathers.

Chocolate Bar Turkey Place Card

Martha Stewart’s chocolate bar wrap idea for a nice turkey finish to Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey Placemat

The feathers on this darling turkey placemat hold the silverware.

Turkey Place Cards

Also from Martha Stewart, these easy turkey place cards are made from her printables, cardstock and yarn.

Fold Your Dinner Napkin into a Turkey

Here is a really cute turkey idea for your Thanksgiving dinner napkins.

Beaded Turkey Earrings

String seed beads to make these festive beaded Turkey earrings.

Tom Turkey Pin

This wood turkey pin is made from Woodsies or small wood pieces. It could also be used as a magnet.

Grand Gobbler

This grand gobbler is a cute, slightly stuffed felt turkey requires a little sewing.

Turkey crafts are fun to do and perfect for Thanksgiving decorating.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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  1. Wow, I am very pleased to say that i enjoyed making these crafts. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and i am now prepared all because of your craft’s. Thank you very much!

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