Teen Gift Ideas

There are lots of homemade teen gift ideas that any teen would use or enjoy. Think about what your teen likes to do and make a gift that would be helpful to use with it.

Here are several teen gift ideas that would be suitable for either guys or girls.

Gifts To Keep Warm

Snuggly warm gifts for teens and everyone in the family.

Warm Covers

These warm covers are blankets, lap rugs, capes, cloaks and other warm things to wrap in.

Tech Toys

Gifts that can be used with cameras, cell phones, iPods, iPads and other electronic Tech toys.

Tattoo TShirts

This creative idea can be used to put a teen’s favorite image on a tshirt. Tatoo TShirts would be perfect for anyone!

Fleece iPad Cozy

Craft this easy fleece iPad Cozy for safely carrying your iPad around.

Arm Band Pouch

An arm band pouch is a clever idea for teens. It’s a convenient and out of the way place to carry a cell phone, keys, inhaler, energy bar, or a little money. Stitch it quickly and easily.

Furry Monster IPod Case

This fun furry monster Ipod case will be very popular.

iPod Pouch

Stitch this easy IPOD Pouch for teens to protect their IPod from scratches.

Another IPod Case

Here is a different IPod case with a strap for holding it.

Laptop Bag

Most teens have laptops, and you can sew a laptop bag to hold a teen’s laptop. Use a pair of old jeans for the fabric and line it with school colors.

Fabric Case for Photo Discs

Stitch this easy fabric case with a strap, for photo discs or CD’s.

Recycled CD Cell Phone Dock

A fun way to use your old CD’s, you can make this cell phone dock. Paint it or decoupage it to personalize it.

Cell Phone Holder

Recycle a plastic bottle to make this cell phone holder for recharging. Decoupage or paint it to make it personal for your recipient. You can even decoupage fabric on it.

Pencil IPhone Stand

Have fun creating this clever pencil IPhone stand for your favorite teen to park his/her iPhone.

Camera Strap Slipcover

Make a camera strap slipcover with old jean fabric or fabric in school colors. Embroider the name of the school team, or write it on with a fabric pen.

ID Bracelet

A simply made ID bracelet that can hold emergency information.

Personalized Rubiks Cube

Great tutorial for putting your own photo on a personalized Rubiks cube. Make one with your teen’s favorite friends.

Potato Chip Keyrings

Fun gift idea, this potato chip keyring is made by melting an empty potato chip bag!

Jenga Block Keychain

You can make this jenga block keychain with a favorite comic book or movie character, or use a fun photo.

Fabric Keychain

Wearing your fabric keychain on your wrist is a great way to keep track of it. Personalize it for the recipient.

Fabric Lanyard

Most kids in the upper grades have to wear ID’s in school. You can make a creative fabric lanyard, using school colors.

Recycled CD Photo Album

A great way to recycle CD’s, this photo album is a creative way to keep friends’ photos.

Bicycle Frame Lunch Bag

This bicycle frame lunch bag is an easy way to carry your lunch or other necessities.

Dice Bag

A dice bag is a great storage spot for game pieces, decks of cards, or other small items.

I hope you enjoy using these teen gift ideas.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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