Tech Toys

Gifts that can be used with cameras, cell phones, iPods, iPads and other electronic Tech toys.

By Noreen Doll.

Obviously you aren’t going to find any homemade tech toys here, but you will find all kinds of homemade ideas for things to use WITH tech toys.

These ideas can be gifts for men or women, and teen boys or girls.

Any of these items can be made with a fabric guys would like, or even denim or leather.

Duct Tape Gifts for Dad

Craft this fun Techie Gadget Sleeve, wallet, or gift card holder using Dad’s favorite thing. He’ll love duct tape gifts.

Camera/Cell Phone/iPod Pouch

Stitch an easy camera/cell phone/ipod pouch. They’re so quick you could make several while you’re sewing. They would be perfect for several people on your gift list.

Electronics Cozy

This electronics cozy for cell phone, iPod, or camera is lined with very soft minky fabric.

Vintage Napkin Gadget Stow-Away

Craft this vintage napkin gadget stow-away to store any of your small electronic gadgets.

Arm Band Pouch

Create a handy arm band pouch to hold small electronics, car keys, and more, using fabric velcro and elastic.

Dad’s Tie to Gadget Case

With just a bit of sewing, you can quickly create a gadget case from Dad’s old necktie – for iPhone, iPod, or camera.

Charging Station

Sew a charging station with lots of pockets to hold all your gadgets while they are recharging.

Cord Wraps

Everyone can use several of these cord wraps made with a piece of fabric and some velcro.

One Coat Hanger Laptop Stand

Craft a one coat hanger laptop stand for a quick cheap way to allow airflow to your laptop.

GPS Case

Stitch a padded GPS case to safely carry your GPS.

Elastic Organizer Binder

This elastic organizer binder is designed to make room for all your gadgets that you need to have with you.


Credit card iPhone Stand

Create this quick, easy and portable credit card iPhone stand.Very clever, and you can carry it in your wallet.

iPhone and iTouch Paper Stand

Print this iPhone and iTouch Paper stand on cardstock or heavy paper, then fold as shown.


Simple Leather iPod Case

Stitch a simple leather iPod case. Or make it a little larger and use it to hold an iPad.

Leather iPod Touch Case

Here’s another version of a leather iPod touch case.

Fleece iPod Cover

Here’s a quick fleece iPod cover to protect your iPod. Fleece edges don’t ravel, and you can use up your scraps.

Felty iPod Cover

Stitch a quick felty iPod cover with a split ring for attaching to a belt loop or caribiner.

Custom iPod Case

Sew a custom iPod case with pockets to hold a large and a small iPod and the charging cord. The earbuds could be tucked into the cord pocket as well.


Felt and Leather iPad Sleeve

Stich this classy felt and leather iPad sleeve. The leather is used for trim.

iPad Sleeve

Stitch an iPad sleeve for a carrying case to protect your iPad.

Etch a Sketch iPad Holder Cozy

Store your iPad in this really clever Etch a Sketch iPad holder cozy. It looks very like the real thing.

iPad Case

Stitch a fabric iPad case to protect your iPad, as well as to carry it. Guys would probably prefer not to have the flowers.

DIY Book-like iPad Case

This DIY book-like iPad case requires a little more time, but the result is a fine quality leather-like case.

Minimalist Cork iPad Sleeve

Craft a minimalist cork iPad sleeve with fleece and cork. It has a quality look and great protection.

iPad Case

This is a nice iPad case that could easily be padded (by allowing a little extra room on the sides and bottom).


Felt Laptop Computer Bag

Stitch a nice looking felt laptop computer bag to protect a computer.


Wristlet Camera Strap

Stitch a cool wristlet camera strap in fun fabric for an easy way to carry a camera.

Ruffle Camera Strap

Stitch a ruffle camera strap, or make one without ruffles for the guys.

5 Minute Shock-Resistant Camera Case

Create this very quick 5 minute shock-resistant camera case for under $5 with drawer liner material. Love this idea!

Camera Cover

Stitch a camera cover that is partly open at one end for your wrist strap to be accessible.

Camera Cozy

Sew a recycled denim camera cozy bag to hold your camera and all its parts.

Washcloth Camera Clutch

Make a super easy washcloth camera clutch to safely cradle your camera.

Reader (Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader)

Reader Cover

Stitch a cover to protect your Kindle or Nook reader.

Custom Kindle Cover

Craft a custom Kindle cover and stand with fabric and chipboard.

Book Style Kindle Cover

Craft a different, book style Kindle cover with fabric and sturdy cardboard.

40 Different Kindle Cases and iPad Covers

Links to 40 different Kindle cases with free instructions: blue jeans case, one that uses a real hollowed out book, and stitched ones. Great ideas!

$1 Kindle Camo Case

This $1 Kindle camo case is actually a hollowed out book that you can use to disguise your Kindle in public places.

Portable DVD Player Tote

Stitch a handy portable DVD player tote with a divider, and a separate pocket for cord and earbuds.

Simple CD Wallet

Make a simple fabric CD wallet to carry your CD’s or DVD’s when traveling.

Nintendo DS Case/Purse

Scroll down to find a great tutorial for making a Nintendo DS case/purse with fabric and interfacing.


 Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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