Remove Rust from the Shower

Easy Way to Remove Rust Stains from the Shower by Crafty Journal.

By Noreen Doll. This morning I noticed rust stains on a shelf in the shower, left by a metal can of shaving gel that had been sitting in water. I decided to try my usual cleaner, and it worked quickly and easily. I sprinkled some baking soda on the rust stain and then added a […]

Apple Buying Tip

Apple Buying Tip - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Once you’ve found a bag of apples or other produce that is fairly unblemished, how do you get them home without major bruising? During the process of checking out, my apples frequently got banged around so much by the cashier that I expected to find rotten applesauce when I got the apples […]

Cardboard Safety Sheath for a Knife

Cardboard Safety Sheath for a Knife by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. A cardboard safety sheath for a knife is very handy, not only to protect the blade of the knife, but to protect your fingers from the blade. The first time I made one was when we were going on a trip and I wanted to make sure no one was cut with […]

Quick Clean Up Tip for Raw Egg Mess

Quick Raw Egg Clean Up - Crafty Journal

by Noreen Doll. Drop an Egg on the floor? Here’s a quick clean up tip. Grab your salt box and sprinkle a handful of salt all over the egg. Make it pretty thick, and be sure to get some around the edges. Let it sit a moment while the egg soaks up the salt. Use […]

How to Remove a Sticky Tag

Crafty Journal - How to Remove a Sticky Tag

By Noreen Doll. I found this interesting old Wooden Nickel. A few decades ago this was a very popular way to commemorate an occasion with an inexpensive souvenir that would also raise a little money. Unfortunately, this wooden nickel had the residue of a sticky tag that had not been completely removed. And it had […]

Cheap Amateur Painting Tips

Cheap Amateur Painting Tips - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Periodically we need to repaint a room in our house, and in the process have found some ways to make painting cheaper and easier. Of course, we always buy good quality paint, but we’ve discovered some cheap tricks to help keep the costs down. Foam Brushes Get a couple of bags of […]

Easy, No-Mess Way to Paint Baseboards

Crafty Journal - Easy No-Mess Way to Paint Baseboards

By Noreen Doll. We love this super easy no-mess way to paint baseboards. Before when we’ve painted, we used a paint edger, which needs to be wiped free of paint after each use. This left us with tons of paint smeared paper towels or rags, and we usually managed to get some paint where we […]

How to Remove Candle Wax from a Jar

Easy Way to Remove Candle Wax from a Jar by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. You will need a warm sunny day to use this easy way to remove candle wax from a jar. So save up all your jars of used, melted candles to clean out on a hot summer day. Supplies. Jars of Used Candles Aluminum Foil Old Flatware Knife Turned into Craft Knife How […]

Clean Your Oven Without Scrubbing

Easy Way to Clean Your Oven Without Scrubbing by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. A friend moved into a place that was in really bad shape, and she asked for ideas on how to clean it. The oven was awful, but she didn’t want to have to spend hours trying to scrub it. So we tried a trick that I had done before. And this was […]

Milk Jug Ideas

Things to Make with a Milk Jug by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Never throw away a milk jug or vinegar jug again! There are so many ways a milk jug can be upcycled or re-used. Other plastic bottles, such as vinegar jugs, soda bottles, and water bottles can also be used again. In fact, think how any plastic container can be re-used. Because plastic […]

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