Easter Basket from a Cereal Box

Easter Basket from a Cereal Box - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. You can make a cute Easter basket from a cereal box. And it’s fun to decorate the basket after you’ve covered it with pretty Easter or Spring paper. It’s also a good project for kids. Supplies. Cereal Box Scrapbooking Paper Glue or Double Sided Tape Embellishments Ruler Pencil Scissors Brad How to […]

Valentine Holder from a Cereal Box

Valentine Holder from a Cereal Box - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Create a Valentine holder from a cereal box. Because it has handles, it’s very useful for carrying Valentines to and from school, and for storing them at home. It could also be a sturdy gift box, that can be reused many times. I used a cereal box that was about 8 inches […]

Organizer from Square Quart Bottles

Crafty Journal - Organizer from Square Quart Bottles

By Noreen Doll. Create a clever organizer from square quart bottles. These bottles would ordinarily be tossed into the recycle bin, but square bottles fit nicely together. So I decided to cut the tops off them and repurpose them into little storage bins that could be nested together inside a larger bin. This keeps all […]

Turn Old Christmas Cards into New Treasures

Recycled Christmas Card Ornament by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Don’t throw those Christmas cards away! Here are tons of ways to turn old Christmas cards into new treasures.   Now that the holidays are winding down we are looking for ways to re-use the quantities of wrapping paper, boxes and Christmas cards that we have accumulated. These are some clever and […]

Christmas Card Gift Jar

Crafty Journal - Christmas Card Gift Jar

By Noreen Doll. A Christmas card gift jar is a useful way to re-purpose Christmas cards. Use your old canning jars, or buy a bunch at the end of the summer when they are on clearance. You can also find them at yard sales or thrift stores. Canning jars can be used for so many […]

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. A scrunched paper Candy Cane is so easy even toddlers can have fun making it. They’ll love scrunching up the tissue paper squares to be glued on the cardboard. It’s cheap and easy to make with recycled cereal cardboard and tissue paper. Older kids can cut out the tissue paper squares ahead […]

Bat Finger Puppet

Crafty Journal - Bat Finger Puppet

By Noreen Doll. Bats are always popular for Halloween, and this cute bat finger puppet is easy and fun. I recycled a black foam tray that previously held vegetables (never reuse one that has held raw meat), that I had washed. It was long and narrow and pretty much bat -shaped. Materials. Black Styrofoam Tray […]

Haunted Journal

Crafty Journal Haunted Journal

By Noreen Doll. I love my new haunted journal! I really enjoy Halloween images, so that is what I decided to use when I needed to make a journal. I put a few pocket pages in among the journaling pages because it’s so handy to have a place to hold bits of paper on which […]

Cracker Box Lid Holder

Crafty Journal - Cracker Box Lid Holder

By Noreen Doll. Like many people, we use lots of plastic containers that also have lots of lids. These lids are stacked in a messy pile in the cupboard, and we can never seem to find the one we need. This cracker box lid holder solves the problem perfectly.  And if you put the lids […]

Milk Jug Toy Scoop

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Toy Scoop

By Noreen Doll. Think how much fun your kids will have picking up their toys with a  milk jug toy scoop! It’s great for Legos, little cars, and other small toys. Let your kids decorate it with Sharpies. Or Mod Podge colorful paper all over it. Using a milk jug toy scoop, your kids can […]

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