Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny

Easy Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Create this fluffy paper plate pop up bunny with your kids. Get a bag of cotton puffs at the Dollar Store and cut them in half to make the bunny. Or use the puffs whole and make the bunny really fluffy! Toddlers would be able to help, as they can add the […]

Peep Pouch

Create a cute Peep Pouch for Easter goodies. by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. It’s always fun to have creative favor ideas for holidays. This cute Peep Pouch can be used for kids’ parties, as a classroom project, or just for kids to have fun making. It’s very simple to do and uses paper plates, tissue paper, and other things you probably already have. Supplies. 2 […]

Paper Plate Pop Up Heart

Paper Plate Pop Up Heart by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. A paper plate pop up heart is a very festive Valentine decoration. It is so easy to create that even a very young child can do it with assistance. This heart requires only a few supplies, most of which you probably already have. Supplies. Paper Plate Red Tissue Paper White School Glue […]

Paper Plate Valentine Card

Paper Plate Valentine Card by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Make a paper plate Valentine card that can be as intricate or as simple as you want it to be. It’s a good and easy project for kids because they can use crayons, markers, stickers or cut-out pictures. Most kids will like making a giant Valentine card to give to someone special. […]

Boneyard Wreath

Boneyard Wreath by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Create an easy mini boneyard wreath with small skeletons.   The Dollar Store has skeleton garlands with 4 mini skeletons dangling from a length of twine. I had seen a large Halloween wreath made with big bones, but I wanted something smaller. So I had fun disassembling several skeletons to make a […]

Big Hairy Tarantula


By Noreen Doll. Craft a delightful big hairy tarantula.  He would love to sit in the center of your table. Kids will delight in making this fun and easy spider. Supplies 1 Small Paper Plate 1 Paper Bowl, the same size around as the plate 4 Black Bump Chenille Stems 2 Large Wiggly Eyes Paper […]

Paper Plate Heart Decoration


by Noreen Doll. Toddlers can easily make this paper plate heart decoration if you prepare it ahead of time. What You Need 1 Paper Plate Paint or markers to color the center heart Colored Tissue Paper, cut into lots of 2 inch squares Piece of colored yarn White glue What You Do This Valentine decoration […]

Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Paper Plate Easter Wreath - Crafty Journal

Easter crafts for toddlers are perfect for the little ones in the family who want to help get ready for the holiday. Prepare these projects a little ahead so your toddler won’t get bored (and into mischief) waiting for you to be ready. Paper Plate Easter Wreath With tissue paper and a paper plate, toddlers […]

Sparkly Paper Plate Angel

Crafty Journal - Sparkly Paper Plate Angel

By Noreen Doll. Make an easy sparkly paper plate angel with silver spray paint and 2 paper plates. What You Need 2 Paper Plates Silver Spray Paint White Glue Glitter 1 Paper Clip Scissors Paper Punch What You Do 1. Draw a triangle on one paper plate as shown. 2. Draw an oval shape on […]

Paper Plate Pop Up Turkey

Paper Plate Pop Up Turkey - by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. This paper plate pop up turkey is so easy even a toddler could make it with a little help. Of course, their coloring won’t be perfect. It only requires one paper plate and a way to color it. You can use crayons, markers, paint, even colored stickers or torn pieces of colored […]

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