Aluminum Security Credit Card Holder Tutorial

Crafty Journal - Security Credit Card Holder

By Noreen Doll. From what I’ve read, hackers can now use a hand held device to read your personal information on your credit cards even while the cards are tucked away in your wallet. I’ve also been seeing aluminum wallets for carrying credit cards, to thwart the ability to read the personal information on them. […]

The Best Back Scratcher I’ve Ever Had!

The Best Back Scratcher I've Ever Had by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. The best back scratcher I’ve ever had is a metal pasta spoon. I’ve mostly lived in a dry climate, and when we run the heater in the house during the winter my skin dries out even more. As a consequence, my back would often itch. It’s very difficult to reach your entire […]

Small Gift Box

Crafty Journal - Small Gift Box

By Noreen Doll. This small gift box could also be a favor box and you can make it in many sizes. Put your gift or favor in the center of the tissue paper and place it in the box for a lovely presentation. You can use it for any holiday or occasion simply by changing […]

Easy Favor Envelope

Crafty Journal - Easy Favor Envelope

By Noreen Doll. I like this easy favor envelope because they don’t take long to make, and you can do them in any color for any occasion. I used scrapbooking paper for these, but you could use anything, from wrapping paper to magazine or book pages. And you can vary the envelope colors according to […]

Sweetheart Angel

Sweetheart Angel by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Create a sweetheart angel for your loved ones. This angel is perfect for Valentine’s Day or just to tell someone you care.  It would also make a nice birthday or thank you gift – or just “I’m thinking of you”. I think it would also be lovely for someone who is recovering […]

Gift Ideas for Women


If you are interested in crafting unique and creative gift ideas for women, look no further. There are homemade gift ideas here for women who enjoy doing all kinds of things. Use these ideas as a springboard, and alter a project to make the gift perfectly suited to the recipient. If you are using the […]

Bath and Body Gifts


If you like leisurely baths and scented body products, you will enjoy these recipes for bath and body gifts. Some of the ingredients are somewhat expensive, but you use a very small amount – so they will last well. You can use the same scent in all your products so you have a matching aromas. […]

Jewelry Gift Ideas


Good tutorials for jewelry gift ideas make creating them easy. Here are a few unusual jewelry gift ideas. Here’s a clever tool to help you fasten a bracelet without help. All you need is a piece of wire and pliers to shape it. Bracelet Fastener Tutorial Almost everyone wears jewelry now. Even men and kids […]

Candle Gift Ideas


Candle gift ideas that are creative and easy to make, can be found here. For some of these creations, you make the candle. For others, you can decorate a pre-made candle. Candles are an attractive gift and can be used anywhere in the home. Here are some different sorts of candle gift ideas to consider. […]

Homemade Gifts for Women


Many people are wanting to get back to basics. By making homemade gifts for women they are able to downsize the gifts that they give. Creating your own gifts is a great way to spend less while giving something that is truly meaningful. If you like to give a lot of gifts, you may find […]

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