Ghost Favor Bagalope

Crafty Journal - Ghost Favor Bag

By Noreen Doll. A ghost favor bagalope can be easily made with a white envelope and a black marker. They’re great fun for kids to make, and inexpensive for a Halloween party. Materials. White Envelope Black Marker Ruler or Scoring Board Stylus or Other Tool for Scoring Scissors Double Sided Tape How to Make a […]

Easy Reusable Fabric Gift Bag

Crafty Journal - Easy Reusable Fabric Gift Bag

By Noreen Doll. This gift bag is small, but the nice thing about making gift bags with fabric is that they can be made any size. And what goes in the bags can be all sizes and shapes. In fact, fabric gift bags are perfect for wrapping gifts that are difficult to wrap. The stitching […]

Make Your Own Gift Bags


By Noreen Doll. When you make your own gift bags, you can make them any size you need. And they can be made from almost any kind of paper. Gift Wrap Brown Paper Newspaper Magazine Page – for Small Bags Comics Page Wallpaper or Wallpaper Samples Butcher Paper – Let your kids draw on it […]

Bunny Bagalope

Crafty Journal - Bunny Bagalope from an Envelope.

By Noreen Doll. Make a fun bunny bagalope with an envelope. It’s easy and quick to do and could be used as a gift bag, for favors, or even a small Easter basket. You can make different sizes depending on the size of the envelope you use. Materials. Envelope – Mine is 5 1/2 by […]

Camo Gift Bags


By Noreen Doll. Make some easy camo gift bags with brown grocery bags or even lunch bags. You could actually make several camouflage bags while you are doing them, and have them ready when you want one to wrap a gift. What You Need Brown Bag, either grocery or lunch size Black and Green Paint […]

Gift Wrap in a Snap


For gift wrap in a snap, there are some great ideas here. In this fast paced world, we frequently don’t have time to spend making ornate gift wraps. Below you will find some really speedy ideas, many of which can use recycled paper bags if you choose to. Quick and Easy Bags For quick and […]

Bags and Bows


by Noreen Doll. Use bags and bows to wrap gifts quickly and easily. For quick, efficient and beautiful gift wrapping, bags and bows are all you really need. You can buy new attractive bags or recycle bags so creatively that no one will suspect their lowly origin. Paper bags are particularly easy to repurpose into […]

Gift Wrap Bags


by Noreen Doll. Making gift wrap bags is easy and fun. You can recycle a bag by covering the store logo with a design, greeting card, or piece of wrapping paper. You can reuse a box such as a cereal or cracker box by cutting off the top end. Cover the box in attractive paper […]

Gift Bags


Make your own gift bags using recyclable bags from the store, or from wrapping paper, brown craft paper, butcher paper, or newspaper. Gift bags are reusable and handy for quickly wrapping a present. Lunchbag Gift Bag Here are clever ways to make them using easy to find materials. Printable Popcorn Bag A printable popcorn bag […]

Handmade Gift Bags


by Noreen Doll. Handmade gift bags are easy to make, and you can create them from many materials. You can even use recycled supplies to make very nice looking bags. Taking the time to craft a gift bag shows the recipient how much you care, and once you learn the basics, you can really create […]

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