Milk Jug Sewing Card

Milk Jug Sewing Card by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Milk jug sewing card fun is perfect for toddlers. Because the sewing cards are cut out of milk jugs, they are very sturdy. So young children can easily use them. The cards can be left plain so they can be stitched randomly, or you can draw pictures on them and punch around […]

Cereal Box Magazine Holder


By Noreen Doll. Create a free cereal box magazine holder. When you’ve been crafting for a while you start to accumulate magazines, and eventually you need a place to keep them. Recycling your cereal boxes to make magazine files helps you be green as well as creative. And it’s a great way to store and […]

Jeans iPad Carrier


By Noreen Doll. I created a fun jeans iPad carrier from an old pair of jeans. It was quick and easy. I made the carrier a few inches longer than the iPad so the top would fold over. By folding the top over several inches, there is no need to add a fastener. There is […]

Cheap Laminating


By Noreen Doll. You can use packaging tape for cheap laminating if you don’t have – and don’t want to buy – a laminating machine. I make sure the tape I laminate with is completely clear. One thing it is really nice for is preserving recipe cards. I have a few old recipe cards written […]

Wax Paper Is Ideal for Crafting


By Noreen Doll. Wax paper can be found at the Dollar store or in the big box stores for a dollar or two. And it is extremely useful when you are crafting. I have always used Reynolds Cut-Rite wax paper because it seems to be a better quality than any other kind. Last fall I […]

Crafting With Clothespins


By Noreen Doll. Crafting with clothespins is a necessity for me. They are one of the items I absolutely must have in my craft tool kit. They are so handy as a third hand when I don’t have quite enough hands to hold a project. In this photo the clothespins are holding two things together […]

Craft with Cereal Boxes


by Noreen Doll. There are lots of clever ways to craft with cereal boxes. And one of the best things about using them is that they’re free! Use cracker and cereal boxes for patterns. In order to be sure you always have a supply  of cracker or cereal box cardboard, save all your boxes. To […]

Mini Gift Bags


By Noreen Doll. Mini gift bags are perfect for holding small gifts, including gift cards, small pieces of jewelry, and money. To make one, you need 1 envelope and a few colorful decorations, such as buttons, flowers, and even colorful paper strips. This is a project kids can work on, and they could draw on […]

Free Gift Box Templates

Crafty Journal - Christmas Card Gift Boxes

© by Noreen Doll. Use these free gift box templates to make many different kinds of small boxes. This is an excellent way to recycle all those Christmas or birthday cards that are taking so much space in your home. If you don’t have many used greeting cards, or you need to make a lot […]

Greeting Card Sour Cream Box


By Noreen Doll. A greeting card sour cream box is another gift box that can be made from a recycled card. Basically you glue or tape the two open edges together to make a tube, and then close both ends. Turning the tube halfway before closing the top edge gives the gift box an interesting […]

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