Hatching Chick

Hatching Chick by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Create a cute Hatching Chick to sit among the eggs on your table. This could be an easy project for kids to make at an Easter party. Adults need to supervise poking holes in the egg. Or make the holes ahead of time and eliminate that step when working with kids. Supplies. […]

Sparkly Leaf Button Covers

Sparkly Leaf Button Covers - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Add a little glitz to a plain blouse for your Fall or Thanksgiving festivities by making sparkly leaf button covers. I found these glitter leaves in a craft store, but you can also buy sheets of glitter craft foam to make your own. Supplies. Glitter Leaves or Craft Foam to make leaves. […]

Pot Handle Hot Pad Grip

Pot Handle Hot Pad Grip by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. A Pot Handle Hot Pad Grip is easy to make with a pot holder, and really handy for holding a pan with a hot handle. Just slip the pot handle grip over the handle of the pot or pan to use it. Because I found these hot pads in the Dollar Store […]

An Easy Way to Peel a Boiled Egg


By Noreen Doll. Do you need an easy way to peel a boiled egg? It is so frustrating trying to peel a fresh egg that has been boiled. The shell wants to cling to the egg and comes off in tiny pieces, often taking chunks of the egg with it. Recently I read that if […]

Super Easy Pocket Pies


By Noreen Doll. Make super quick, super easy pocket pies with uncooked flour tortillas. Since the ingredients in these tortillas are almost the same as in pie crust, I thought they would work as the pie crusts. They are already rolled out in a circle and are quite sturdy to handle. You can fill them […]

How to Coffee Dye or Tea Dye


By Noreen Doll. Sometimes you want to craft with a dingy or antique white color fabric, and it can be difficult to find just the shade you want in a store. By knowing how to coffee dye or tea dye, you can get just exactly the shade you need. First you need to decide on […]

Warm Fingerless Mitts


By Noreen Doll. Warm fingerless mitts are great to make for yourself, and they are wonderful gifts. When it’s cold, it’s nice to have something to keep your wrists and hands warm while leaving your fingers free. Fleece is snuggly soft and warm. And you can fold the top down to leave your fingers totally […]

Kids Easy Halloween Treats


Kids love to help in the kitchen, and they will enjoy making these kids easy Halloween treats. These treat ideas are great for parties, to share in the classroom, or just to make for friends and family. Frankenmallows Really cute Frankenstein marshmallows kids can make with marshmallows, green food coloring and chocolate chips. Brides of […]

Edgar Allan Poe Shops at the Dollar Store!


© by Noreen Doll. Here’s proof that Edgar Allan Poe shops at the Dollar Store! With Halloween rapidly approaching, we are seeing wonderfully creative scenes, decorations, and costume ideas everywhere. Many Halloween ideas involve vintage items such as old keys, candelabras, dried bones, antique jewelry, and aged furniture. Because of the kind of literature Edgar […]

Edgar Allen Poe Topiary


© by Noreen Doll. An Edgar Allen Poe topiary is perfect for Halloween. He was a master of creepy story telling, and The Raven is one of his works. You can even use some recyclables to make this easy topiary. What You Need A Black Bird Styrofoam Ball Newspaper – Cut into 2 inch squares […]

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