Quick Way to Straighten Wrinkled Ribbon

By Noreen Doll. Now you don’t have to throw used ribbon away. Here’s a quick way to straighten wrinkled ribbon. You can make a wrinkled ribbon look like new. Simply heat your curling iron to a low setting. You don’t want it too hot! After the curling iron is heated, test it on the end […]

Frugal Cutting Tip

By Noreen Doll. Here’s a frugal cutting tip that will help you conserve your supplies. When creating, kids have a tendency to plop their template right down in the middle of that big lovely sheet of paper or craft foam. By the time they’ve cut from the edge over to the shape, and then cut […]

Tiny Hole Punch Tip

By Noreen Doll. Here’s a great tiny hole punch tip for when you want to make a neat small hole without tearing the paper. This tip is really handy when you want to add a brad to your project, and you need a small hole for the point of the brad to push through. It […]

How to Cut Holes in the Middle of Something

By Noreen Doll. I make lots of projects that require holes in the middle where they are hard to cut. Here is an easy way to cut holes in the middle of something. If the item is soft and flexible and bends easily, cut the hole like this. Fold the item in half so you […]

How to Fix a Rusted Paper Punch

By Noreen Doll. I came across an old paper punch that had belonged to my folks. It had been around for quite a while, and because it was old, it was a very well made tool. But, unfortunately, it had rusted some on the inside, and when I squeezed it shut it stayed that way. […]

Speed Dry a Painted or Decoupage Project

By Noreen Doll. When I craft I have a hard time waiting for paint, glue or Mod Podge to dry.  So I figured out a way to speed dry my projects. I have an old hair dryer that is too hot on one setting and too slow on the other setting for drying hair. But […]

Kids Craft Tips

© by Noreen Doll. Using these great kids craft tips will help you and your kids have more fun crafting, with less clean up afterwards. Shower Curtain Idea. Use an old shower curtain – or buy one for $1 at the Dollar Store – for a crafting surface. Lay it on the table, the floor, […]

Frugal Craft Tips

© by Noreen Doll. By using these frugal craft tips, there are many creative ways you can help keep your costs down. Use What You Have. Look for ways to use what you already have: fabric or craft paper scraps, cereal boxes you can cover with pretty paper, bits of ribbon, or silk flowers for […]

General Craft Tips

© by Noreen Doll. Here are some great craft tips to make your crafting easier and more fun! Crafting Surface. One of my best general craft tips is to cover a large piece of cardboard or a cookie sheet with sides with a piece of waxed paper. Pull it around the edges and tape it […]

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