Gingerbread Man Wreath from a Brown Paper Bag

By Noreen Doll. This gingerbread man wreath is a great craft to make with kids. And it recycles brown paper grocery bags. Or you could make it from brown kraft paper or brown paper packaging material. Instead of buying gingerbread man ornaments, as I did, you can make gingerbread men with the kids. Gingerbread men […]

Cheap Amateur Painting Tips

By Noreen Doll. Periodically we need to repaint a room in our house, and in the process have found some ways to make painting cheaper and easier. Of course, we always buy good quality paint, but we’ve discovered some cheap tricks to help keep the costs down. Foam Brushes Get a couple of bags of […]

Easy, No-Mess Way to Paint Baseboards

By Noreen Doll. We love this super easy no-mess way to paint baseboards. Before when we’ve painted, we used a paint edger, which needs to be wiped free of paint after each use. This left us with tons of paint smeared paper towels or rags, and we usually managed to get some paint where we […]

How to Coffee Dye or Tea Dye

By Noreen Doll. Sometimes you want to craft with a dingy or antique white color fabric, and it can be difficult to find just the shade you want in a store. By knowing how to coffee dye or tea dye, you can get just exactly the shade you need. First you need to decide on […]

Cheap Laminating

By Noreen Doll. You can use packaging tape for cheap laminating if you don’t have – and don’t want to buy – a laminating machine. I make sure the tape I laminate with is completely clear. One thing it is really nice for is preserving recipe cards. I have a few old recipe cards written […]

No Sew Fingerless Gloves

By Noreen Doll. (Look for my sewing version of fingerless gloves on Jewelry Making Journal.) Make a quick pair of no-sew fingerless gloves from a pair of knee socks. During cold weather, when I am working at my computer or crafting, my wrists and hands often get very cold. Because I need my fingers free […]

Note Paper Toddlers Can Make For Mom

By Noreen Doll. Note paper toddlers can make for Mom is a fun and easy Mothers Day gift for toddlers to create. This particular set of note paper toddlers can make for Mom was made for a Mom who loves green, trees, and leaves. She loves this notepaper so much that she uses them very […]

Haunting Halloween Notepads

By Noreen Doll. Haunting Halloween notepads are a wonderful idea for a small Halloween gift! Done in assembly line fashion, you can make a lot of them in a short time. These Halloween notepads are perfect for Trick or Treat, small gifts for friends or co-workers, or for kids to make to give their friends. […]

Acrylic Post-It Note Holder

By Noreen Doll. Craft an easy acrylic Post-It note holder for all your friends, co-workers, or kids’ teachers. All you need are an acrylic photo frame, a pad of Post-It notes, and a few embellishments. This is a great way to use up left over crafting supplies! What You Need Acrylic Photo Frame – that […]

Large Round Gift Bag

By Noreen Doll. Create a large round gift bag for an unusually large candle or other large round item. We needed a Bunco gift and decided to look for candles at the after Christmas sales. While we were looking over the candles, we spied a very large red candle with 3 wicks on top. When […]

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