Bath Pouf Spider

By Noreen Doll. A bath pouf spider is a very simple decoration that you can put together at the last minute. And it’s a fun creation to set in a bathroom since it’s made with a bath pouf. Supplies. 4 Bump Chenille Stems 1 Black Bath Pouf 2 Large Wiggly Eyes Hot or Warm Melt […]

Hoppy Easter Bunny

By Noreen Doll. Make this quick hoppy Easter bunny for a cute table decoration. Or hang it for an ornament. Materials. Bath Pouf Craft Foam, Felt, or Card Stock Scraps Glue Tooth Picks Scissors Pencil How to Make a Hoppy Easter Bunny. 1. Draw patterns for the eyes, ears, and nose. 2. Trace the patterns […]

Frosty Snowman Bath Pouf

By Noreen Doll. It’s fun to make a fluffy Frosty Snowman bath pouf. He will happily sit on a shelf, mantle, or table.   When he’s finished, you can make such accessories as a fleece hat and scarf, and a broom. Materials 3 White Bath Poufs 3 Brown Pipe Cleaners 1 Orange Pipe Cleaner 1 […]

Candy Corn Bath Pouf

By Noreen Doll. Use a candy corn bath pouf as part of a Halloween centerpiece. You could place it in the center of a fall arrangement of flowers or leaves. Or use it with a group of pumpkins and gourds. A candy corn bath pouf is quick and easy to put together and makes a […]

Frankie Bath Pouf

A Frankie bath pouf is a fun decoration to make for Halloween.

Jack O Lantern Bath Pouf

By Noreen Doll. Create a Jack O Lantern bath pouf in just a few minutes. With just felt, a pipe cleaner and an orange bath pouf, you can make a cute Jack O Lantern. Materials 1 Green Pipe Cleaner 1 Orange Bath Pouf Small Piece of Black Felt Instructions for the Jack O Lantern Bath […]

Bath Pouf Angel

By Noreen Doll. You need only a few things to put a fluffy bath pouf angel together. The angel can be placed in a centerpiece or hung by the loop attached to the pouf.   What You Need l Large or 2 Medium White Bath Poufs 2 Coffee Filters 1 Gold or Silver Pipe Cleaner […]

Bath Pouf Bunny

by Noreen Doll. A bath pouf bunny makes a great Easter craft. It’s easy to create and cute when it’s finished. I used 2 smallish white bath poufs I found at the Dollar Store, but you could use one large one instead. What You Need 1 or 2 White Bath Poufs Craft Foam or Felt […]

Bath Pouf Chick

by Noreen Doll. Create a sweet bath pouf chick for a quick and easy Easter decoration. This fat yellow bath pouf is perfect for making a soft, fluffy looking chick. And it is so easy to cut out a few parts to make his features. I had to look a couple of places to find […]

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