Stamped Tile Coasters

By Noreen Doll.

I love the country look of these stamped tile coasters.

When I bought this country stamp set from Rubbernecker Stamps, I couldn’t wait to use them.

And they were so quick and easy to make, as well as inexpensive. They make a lovely gift for almost anyone.

When I made this set for a gift, I liked it so much I ended up making another set for myself.

The tiles are easy to find at Home Depot or Lowes and come in a large choice of colors.


4 Tumbled Tile Coasters

Cork for the bottom side

Staz-On Ink – Dark Brown

Rubber Stamps


1. Wipe the top of the coaster with some vinegar on a paper towel. This removes any oil or dusty residue.

Wipe the top again with a damp paper towel to remove the vinegar. Let dry.

2. Ink your chosen stamp and carefully stamp the tile. Press down firmly all over the stamp.

If you get any ink where you don’t want it, it can be easily removed while it is damp.

Set the tile aside to dry and stamp the rest of the tiles.

3. The irregularities in the tiles may cause some of the design to not stamp on the tile. To me, this is part of the charm of that kind of tile.

Notice the door didn’t stamp clearly in the middle of the house.

If you don’t like the result, just use an alcohol dampened paper towel and wipe off the design. Let dry and try again.

Turn the tile and stamp in a different direction.

4. If you are making more than one set of coasters, finish all the sets before proceeding.

Set the Color.

5. Line a cookie sheet (or 2 cookie sheets if you are doing a lot) with aluminum foil.

Lay the stamped tile coasters out on the cookie sheet(s) in a single layer. The sides can touch if necessary.

6. Put the cookie sheets in a cold oven.

Turn the oven on to 200 degrees and the tiles will heat gradually as the oven does.

7. After the oven reaches 200 degrees, leave it at that temperature for 20 to 30 minutes.

Then turn the oven off, leave the door shut, and let the tiles cool gradually as the oven cools.

8. When the tiles are completely cool, take them outside and spray them with clear acrylic. I prefer the matte finish to the shiny finish, but you can use either.

Hold the spray at least 12 inches away and spray very lightly, in case it might make the color run. Let dry.

9. Spray a second coat of acrylic to be sure it is sealed, and dry thoroughly.

10. Use a Sharpie to sign and date the back of the stamped tile coasters. After it’s dry I usually spray a light coat of acrylic over the signature to seal it.

11. Cut a square of cork slightly smaller than the coaster.

Use E6000 to glue the cork to the bottom of the coaster. I do this outside.

12. Stack the set of stamped tile coasters and tie a matching ribbon around it.


If you decide you don’t like your stamped design or if you make a goof, remove it with an alcohol damp paper towel, let the tile dry, and start again.

Instead of a large square of cork, you could use small squares or circles on just the corners of the underside of the coasters.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  4. What a clever gift idea! (If you plan to do this often, consider heading to your local Habitat for Humanity Restore. They sell leftover tiles from building projects for less than 50% of the original cost.) I love the stamps you chose. Thank you so much for visiting and adding your idea to the Thanksgiving Treats and Fall Fun Linky Party. I’m one of your co-hosts from If you linked up from one of the other co-host sites, I hope you’ll stop by my site for a visit.

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