St. Patricks Day Crafts

Use these easy St Patricks Day crafts to decorate your home or workplace or to make festive trimmings for a party.

For these St Patricks Day crafts you’ll need lots of green, so get out your green pipe cleaners, pom poms, craft foam, buttons, paint, and paper.

Dollar Bill Shamrock

Create a fun Dollar Bill Shamrock for that special St. Patrick’s Day birthday.

Dollar Bill Shamrock - Crafty Journal

Dollar Bill Shamrock

Glitter Shamrock Button Covers

Glitter Shamrock Button Covers are a very simple way to add glitz and a bit of green to your outfit.

Glitter Shamrock Button Covers - Crafty Journal

Glitter Shamrock Button Covers

Sparkly Shamrock Necklace

Create a Sparkly Shamrock Necklace for a little girl, or make them for party favors.

Sparkly Shamrock Necklace - Crafty Journal

Sparkly Shamrock Necklace

Easy Way to Make a Shamrock

Now you can make your own perfect shamrocks using this easy way to make a shamrock.

Easy Way to Make a Shamrock - Crafty Journal

Easy Way to Make a Shamrock

Shamrock Angel

Make a pretty Shamrock Angel to grace your table.

Shamrock Angel - Crafty Journal

Shamrock Angel

Shamrock Wreath

Cut a paper Shamrock Wreath – just like cutting paper snowflakes.

Shamrock Wreath - Crafty Journal

Shamrock Wreath

Shamrock Paper Chain

Cut an easy Shamrock Paper Chain.

Shamrock Paper Chain - Crafty Journal

Shamrock Paper Chain

Pot of Gold Shamrock Bouquet

Gold wrapped candy and shamrocks help make a Pot of Gold Shamrock Bouquet, perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day table.

Pot of Gold Shamrock Bouquet - Crafty Journal

Pot of Gold Shamrock Bouquet

St. Patrick’s Day Charm Bracelet

Print these free vintage images onto shrink plastic to make a pretty St. Patrick’s Day charm bracelet.

St. Patrick’s Day Pins

Make these quick and easy St. Patrick’s day pins with pipe cleaners and small medallions.

Lucky Charm Pendant

Craft a Lucky Charm pendant with Aleene’s glue and a photo of a shamrock.

Pipe Cleaner Irish Hair Clip

Quick and easy to make pipe cleaner Irish hair clip. Wrap green pipe cleaners around a small strip of cardboard. Then make a shamrock shape with another pipeccleaner and glue it on.

Blarney Stone Message Board

Paint a metal tray green and paint rocks black. Paint letters on the stones and put a magnet on the back of each. Form messages with the letters on the Blarney Stone message board.

St. Patty’s Day Irish Derby

Create a St. Patty’s Day Irish derby using 2 terra cotta pots. Instead of using it for planting, it could be a candy dish or a centerpiece for flowers.

St. Patrick’s Bucket

Decorate a clear plastic paint bucket with shamrocks and make a leprechaun to stand on the green fillers inside. Makes a great St. Patrick’s centerpiece.

St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece

Cut shamrock shapes from green paper and attach to skewers that have been painted white. Stand in a piece of foam cut to fit a decorated jar or can to make this St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece.

St. Patty’s Day Plate

Use a clear glass plate to Mod Podge a St. Patrick’s Day napkin on, to make this St. Patty’s Day plate.

Irish Blessings Box

To make an Irish blessings box, paint a wooden box green and decoupage Irish clipart and/or sayings. Set out the night before St. Patrick’s Day and see what treasures the leprechauns may leave.


Make these shamrocks with cardstock or craft foam and attach to centerpieces, cards, favors or small gifts.

St. Patrick’s Day Fry Box

Print this St. Patrick’s Day fry box and add a holiday image and green ribbon to finish.

Paper Punch Leprechaun & Pot of Gold

Use punches or just cut shapes to make a paper leprechaun and pot of gold.


Noreen Doll

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