Snowman Ornaments

Every Christmas tree needs some snowman ornaments hanging on it. And snowmen are fun to use to decorate other places, too.

Use a cluster of snowman ornaments for a holiday or winter centerpiece. Or put a grouping on your fireplace mantel or a side table.

Try some of these unique ideas to make snowmen you will love. And don’t forget… snowman ornaments make fun gifts, too.

Snowman Lightbulbs

Lightbulb Snowman

To make a lightbulb snowman, turn the lightbulb upside down and cover with white oven-bake clay. Paint the threads for the snowman’s hat.

Light Bulb Snowman

This light bulb snowman is painted and uses a child’s sock for the hat.

Light Bulb Snowman

Cover this light bulb snowman with textured snow paint and make the hat with fleece scraps.

Frosty the Recycled Light Bulb

Glue a styrofoam ball over the threaded end of the light bulb to make this Frosty Snowman.

Light Bulb Snowman

Use paper mache on a light bulb to make this friendly light bulb snowman. Bits of felt make a hat and scarf.

Light Bulb Snowman

This is a new technique: paint the lightbulb white and immediately cover with sugar – before it dries. Use colorful fleece to finish this light bulb snowman.

Light Bulb Snowman’s Head

Paint a light bulb white and make a face on it for a snowman head. Use a child’s sock for the hat.

Light Bulb Snowman

Use textured snow paint and black felt to create this light bulb snowman.

Icicle Snowmen

Snowmansicle Ornaments

With joint compound, styrofoam balls, and plastic icicles, you can create some super cute snowmansicle ornaments with Santa hats.

Snowman Icicle Ornament

Shape air dry modeling compound into the icicle and head of this snowman icicle ornament. Finish him by painting features and adding a scarf and ear muffs.

Styrofoam Ball Snowman Ornaments

Styrofoam Ball Snowman

Craft a styrofoam ball snowman. Stamp a snowman onto a piece of tissue paper and glue the tissue paper onto a styrofoam ball, then cover with more glue. Interesting technique.

Styrofoam Snowman Ornament

Put 2 styrofoam balls together and cover with True Snow or textured snow to craft this super cute styrofoam snowman ornament.

Stitched Felt or Fabric Snowmen

Snowperson Sweetie

If you want this snowperson sweetie, cut fabric or felt into 2 heart shaped pieces: turn upside down and add features to one, stitch together, stuff and add a hat.

Felt Snowman Ornament or Gift Tag

You can quickly make a bunch of these felt snowman ornaments or gift tags. Cut felt circles and stitch around them, stitching on ribbons for hair.

Felt Snowman

Cut snowman shapes from white felt, decorate with scraps, and stitch together.

Snowman Face Ornie

Craft a primitive snowman face ornie with tea dyed felt cut in a rectangular shape.

Snowman Ornament

Use muslin or felt to cut out and stitch this snowman ornament with sticks for arms.

Snowman Pop Ornaments

I love these primitive snowman pop ornaments that are made with tea dyed batting and popsicle sticks.

More Snowman Ornament Ideas

Bottlecap Snowman

Craft a fun bottlecap snowman by hanging the bottlecaps on a ribbon.

S’More Snowman

Create a cute S’more Snowman with polymer clay and wire.

Acorn Snowman

Put 3 acorns together to make an acorn snowman, then paint it white.

Golfball Snowman

Use Sharpies to draw a snowman face on a golfball to make a golfball snowman.

Wine Cork Snowman

Paint white textured paint on a cork to make a wine cork snowman.

Jingle Bell Snowman

Glue a craft foam marshmallow to a colorful jingle bell to make a jingle bell snowman. Use pipe cleaners and pompoms to finish him.

CD Snowmen

Painted CD snowman.

Glued & decorated CD snowman.


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