Snowman Gift Package

By Noreen Doll.

This quick and easy Snowman Gift Package is perfect for favors or small gifts.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal

I needed a quick, cute idea to wrap some money for a gift.

This snowman is made from a sock and a styrofoam cup.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal

Because it is so light weight, I added some candy with the money to provide ballast.

This idea is perfect for favors, money, a gift card, or any small gift, and is easy to make.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal

And it’s a perfect project for kids to do, as well as a great classroom favor or project.


Styrofoam Cup

Striped Knee Sock – Adult Size (I found these at the Dollar Store, and 1 pair makes 2 Snowmen)

Small Length of Embroidery Thread or Baker’s Twine

Wiggly Eyes or Black Foam Scrap

Orange Craft Foam Scrap

Tacky Glue

Pen To Draw Mouth

How to Make a Snowman Gift Package.

1. Lay the sock out flat and cut off the top.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal

I cut off about 10 inches because I wanted a long stocking cap. But you can cut off less and make a short puffy cap.

2. Cut a length of embroidery thread or baker’s twine about 10 inches long.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal

Tie the thread or twine about an inch from the white end of the cap, gathering the sock into the thread.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal

Knot the thread firmly and then tie it into a bow.

3. For the face, cut a small piece of orange craft foam into a carrot shape.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal

Draw a few lines on it with pencil (which I used) or pen, like a carrot has.

Cut irregular shapes from black foam for coal eyes.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal

Or use wiggly eyes.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal

4. Add the features to the styrofoam cup for the face.

Attach the carrot first, making the tip of the carrot point up.

Now add the eyes.

5. Draw the mouth under the carrot with a ballpoint pen.

6. Fill the cup with your gift. You can wrap the gift in tissue paper if it’s very small, to help fill the cup.

7. Slip the sock gently over the top of the styrofoam cup, with the striped end closest to the cup.

Snowman Gift Package by Crafty Journal


You only need a dot or 2 of glue to hold the eyes and nose on.

After attaching the features, let the cup lay on its side for a bit to let the glue dry.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. What a cute idea and I am sure my little guy would love to help!

  2. Those are so adorable – love this idea!

  3. This is so cute and a great idea for money, gift cards or anything small.
    Very clever and fairly easy.
    Blessings for a Very Merry Christmas

  4. That’s such a cute idea!! Have a great 2016!!


  5. Great idea! We’ll be featuring your post on next weeks Brag About It! Thank you so much for sharing your posts with us!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Those are adorable!! What a great thing for the small gifts. Pinning this for next year! :)

  7. This is so freakin’ cute, Noreen. I can’t believe it! And it’s a styrofoam cup.. easy to buy. Wow. Wish I had seen this earlier. Pinning, of course. How are you, my friend? Happy New Year to you and your family, Linda @Crafts a la mode

  8. This is just too adorable!

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  9. Really adorable idea, would also be perfect to hold a hot chocolate kit or some kind of hot drink mix as a gift. Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling sunday, great to reconnect in 2016!

  10. This is really cute!! I’m going to make one to give treats to me grandkids!! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday! Pinned!

  11. Oh, now that is super cute, and a great way to gift! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday! Sharing!

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