Snowman Crafts for Toddlers

Snowman crafts for toddlers are a fun way for very young children to experiment with different craft mediums.

By making snowmen, a child has a finished product to share with his/her family.

Try some of these easy ideas.

Snowman Gift Tag or Bookmark

To make a snowman gift tag or bookmark, use a painted child’s finger to make the snowman on a bookmark or gift tag, and add features when dry.

TP Roll Snowman

Put out googly eyes, buttons, pompoms, and pipe cleaners for your child to use decorating a TP roll snowman.

Snowman Paper Bag Puppet

Cut out snowman features for your toddler to glue on a snowman paper bag puppet.

Christmas Snowman Cotton Wool Thank You Cards

To make Christmas snowman cotton wool thank you cards, let your toddler glue the wool circles onto the card, and then use markers to add the hat and features.

Sassy Snowman

Stuff a paper lunch bag with plastic bags and use markers to finish the Sassy Snowman.

Glue Snowman

Toddlers can create a glue snowman by squeezing glue onto waxed paper and adding buttons and eyes while the glue is still wet.

Melted Snowman

Make a melted snowman by squeezing a puddle of glue on waxed paper and adding glitter, twigs, buttons, and eyes to it.

Paper Plate Snowman

A toddler could make a paper plate snowman if the construction paper pieces are cut out ahead of time.

Marshmallow Snowman

Draw large circles on paper to make a snowman shape and let toddlers use mini marshmallows to outline the shape of the marshmallow snowman.

Simple Snowman

Cut large white circles for the toddler to fill with glued on cotton balls. Use pipe cleaners for arms and pompoms for eyes and buttons to finish a simple snowman.


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